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The capital of North Devon, England, Barnstaple is perhaps the oldest district in Great Britain. Barnstaple on the river Taw is the largest city in North Devon. "Barnstaple: it's a must" is the slogan of the city, which perhaps exaggerates it a little. Sights and attractions in Barnstaple, Devon, South West England.

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The Barnstaple ((listen) or[1]) is the capital of North Devon, England and possibly the oldest district in the United Kingdom.... As of the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries it was granted permission to sell woollen goods, as traders maintained that the city had been proclaimed a free district in Saxon time. Barnstaple was thus rich and its core still retains a mediaeval appearance and atmosphere.

Later, the city became an importing company of Ireland wools, but its port sanded up, and it began to develop other industry such as ship building, casting and mills. The Barnstaple train depot is the terminal of an Exeter secondary line called the Tarka line. Barnstaple has been a community ruled by the city councillor since 1974.

The municipality itself had 24,033 inhabitants[3] and 53,514 inhabitants inclusive of the Barnstaple Town Area. The name Barnstaple was formerly called "Barum" because the Roman name ( "ad Barnastapolitum") was contracted in Roman records such as the bishop records of the diocese of Exeter.

Barnstaple's great Feudal dominion had its end at Barnstaple Castle. Around 1107 Juhel, who had already established the Totnes Priory, established the Barnstaple Priory of the Cluniac Order devoted to Saint Mary Magdalene. Please see Feudalbaronie by Barnstaple for all detail. One of the municipalities was Barnstaple, which was amended by the city reform law of 1835.

The city devoured the Pilton, Newport and Roundswell towns between the 1930' and 1950's by developing tapes. Since 1295, the municipality of Barnstaple was defended in the House of Commons by two members of Parliament until 1885, when its office was restricted to one member. Democratic North Devon, which was run by Nick Harvey, MdB, the Liberal Democrat, from 1992 to 2015, was the largest contemporary electoral district.

The capital of Northern Devon, Barnstaple is claimed to be the oldest district in Britain. Situated 109 km west-southwest of Bristol, 80 km north of Plymouth and 55 km northeast of the district capital and Exeter. Established at the Taw River's deepest intersection, where its mouth begins to expand, about 11 kilometres inland from Barnstaple Bay (or Bideford Bay) in Bristol Channel.

On the northern side of the city, the Taw River joins the Yeo River, which originates at Berry Down near Combe Martin. Most of the city is on the east shore of the mouth, linked to the west side by the old Barnstaple Long Bridge with 16 arcades.

The early mediaeval structure of the city can still be seen from the road map and road name, with Boutport St ("About the Port") following the sweeping line of the moat outside the city wall. The Barnstaple has cold, damp winter and gentle, damp summer. Barnstackle gets 862 mm (33. 9 in) rains per year, with rains on 138 dates.

Barnstaple is a large city and more ethically diversified than the Norddevon region (95.9% White British) and Devon as a whole (94.2% White British). The Barnstaple has a similar ethnical composition to other southwestern cities such as Truro and Cullompton. The North Devon region is a little away from the UK's traditionally active industries and populations.

Barnstaple won a number of industries in the early 1970' as the federal administration subsidised the building of plants and their running at low or no municipal tax rates. For the city, the most sustainable result was the creation and extension of the Seven Brethren, Whiddon Valley and Pottington areas.

Previously, the city had regarded the latter as a location for regional distributor grids, which was eliminated by approximately cutting the journey to the M5 highway in half. Since Barnstaple is the major purchasing area for North Devon, retailing contributes to the North Devon business community. In the city center and in the Roundswell Business Park, on the west outskirts of the city, there are many DIY malls.

New Asda supermarket and gas stations are part of the redesign. Two major employer governments in the region are the Royal Marines Base Chivenor, 4 nautical miles east of the city, and the Northern Devon District Hospital, 1 nautical kilometer out. Out of work in 2005 in North Devon was 1.8-2.

4%, and the per-capita wage for North Devon was 73% of the British domestic averages. The Barnstaple is a partnership with: Since Saxon time Barnstaple has been the most important North Devonian town. The A361 North Devon Link Road connecting Barnstaple to the M5 highway, about 65 kilometers due west, was built in 1989.

There used to be a lot of heavy urban transport, but in May 2007 the Barnstaple Western Bypass was opened, so there is no need for heavy transport to Braunton and Ilfracombe through the city center over the old viaduct. As part of this work, the city's central plaza was redesigned as the entry to the city center and the beach was blocked to vehicles.

Barnstaple's public transport system is being privatized and operated by many companies, among them Stagecoach South West. Central Railway Terminal is at the intersection of Queen Street and Belle Meadow Drive. From Barnstaple there are the following regular buses: National Express to London, Heathrow Airport, Taunton, Bristol and Birmingham, which also depart from Barnstaple.

Barnstaple 1937 card showing the railroads. The Barnstaple train depot is the end of an Exeter side line, known as the Tarka line after the Tarka the Otter area. It is located near the end of the Long Bridge, but on the opposite side of the Taw River to the city center.

Formerly the city had several other railway yards, but all have been shut down since the release of the British Railways (the so-called Beeching Axe) redesign plan in the sixties. It was inaugurated on 1 August 1854 by the North Devon Railway (later the London and South Western Railways), although Fremington had provided a freight services only since 1848.

Barnstaple Junction" was the name of the train on July 20, 1874, when the railroad opened the side line to Ilfracombe and returned to the simple "Barnstaple" on October 5, 1970. Today it is an end point and greatly scaled down, as part of the site is now used for the Barnstaple by-pass.

Barnstaple Road, in 1949 re-named Barnstaple (Victoria Road), was opened in 1873 as a terminal of the Devon and Somerset Railway just to the east of the city, which ultimately became part of the Great Western Railway. Later, a hub was set up to provide easy entry to Barnstaple Joint that led to Ilfracombe.

Barnstaple has a choice of prestigious state elementary and junior high colleges and a third level school. The Cricket game is performed in Barnstaple and Pilton. 43 ]Barnstaple Town F.C. has been located on Mill Road since 1904 and plays in the Western Football Leagues. The Barnstaple Football Club[44], whose first squad plays in the National Football Leagues 2 South, is a 4th division of the English Rally System.

The North Devon Leisure Centre,[45] which is home to the Barnstaple Squash Club, offers further sporting opportunities. There are plenty of lanes for the bowlers and bowlers and tennis court facilities, among them the Tarka Outdoor Court with six court halls and the Aegon GB Pro-Series Barnstaple. 47 ] In February 2010 a Cornish Pilot Gig Rowing Club was founded to bring this game to Castle Quay in the center of Barnstaple.

The Taw Valley Ladies Hockey Club (as well as a junior setup) and North Devon Men's Hockey Club - they both perform at Park School. Barnstaple was home in 1975 to Norman Scott, the men's fashion photographer who blackmailed Jeremy Thorpe, a member of the regional parliament and leader of the Liberal Party, for an apparent sex affair between the two.

Thorpe' s journalist investigators Simon Freeman and Barry Penrose told Thorpe's fellow journalist David Holmes that he called an accomplice, former airliner Andrew Newton, with orders to scare Scott, whom he would see in a Barnstaple resort. Barnstaple and North Devon has no information, neither about the origin, the date nor the object, about this very large picture that hangs on the walls of the first storey that dominated the stairwell of the Barnstaple stairwell.

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