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"Barma Homeland" is a placeholder for the land where the origins of the Barma Duchy originated. The Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University. Category Administrative Law in the World Legal Wiki Encyclopedia. Must-sir barma measurements such as age, height and weight. The Mustansir Barma Wiki includes ethnicity, nationality, education and awards.

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"Barma Homeland" is a place holder for the land where the origin of the Barma Duchy originated. Little is known about the homeland of Barma, but from a policy point of view it seems that the conflict was once a great worry for the state. Before the Sablier tragedy, a conflict erupted as a consequence of an on-going battle for control between the Barma family and the state.

After the barmas were defeated, they were expelled from their homes because of their disobedience and driven to a neighbouring state and its capitol Sablier. Soon after the move, the barmas tried to approach a high-ranking noble family in Sablier, the Baskerville clan, to recover their state.

In this capacity, Arthur Barma, the legacy of the Barma family, often spends a great deal of his life alongside Levi, then Glen Baskerville, who was more interested in other civilizations such as Arthur. Levi finally volunteered to organize an art-historical celebration of his work.

Arthur's sibling Miranda Barma proposed that Arthur should engage a performer to perform the Moorin Kuur (a favorite tool of her culture) at Levi's events to promote the country's rich heritage. Since he saw nothing in what his older brother had proposed, Arthur agreed, and Miranda organised the musicians arrive at the Baskerville mansion, although Arthur did not understand Miranda's real purpose.

As the Sablier tragedy led the Sablier people to fall into the abyss, the resulting aftershocks shook the Barma Homeland with a huge quake that divided the land in half; what the country's scientists announced was the result of a number of simultaneous catastrophes. Although the Barmas were in exile, a part of their pedigree was left in their home town.

The Yuras came to rule sometime after the tragedy and became the highest ranked nobles of the land; unfortunately the present state of the land under the leadership of the paternal of Isla Yura is still not known. All of the following are either Barma Homeland residents or offspring of those who have them.

Barma Homeland has never been named in the same way as the capital of Pandora Hearts is always called "the world" and not "the earth", as it has always been called only "this country". However, despite her absence of identification, the Barma civilization seems to suggest that her background comes from a land similar to Mongolia in the fictitious Pandora Hearts univers.

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