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"Barma Homeland" is a placeholder for the land where the origins of the Barma Duchy originated. The Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University. Category Administrative Law in the World Legal Wiki Encyclopedia. Must-sir barma measurements such as age, height and weight. The Mustansir Barma Wiki includes ethnicity, nationality, education and awards.

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The last known legacy of the Barma Duchy, Rufus Barma (????? ???, Ruufasu Baruma) served as Duke until the end of the rule of the four Grand Duchies. Reputed for his huge amount of information he had gathered throughout his entire career, Rufus usually used it as a kind of money that could be used to stay one jump ahead of him.

For this reason Rufus knew the real origin of Xerxes Break and became the first man who really knew the tragedy of Sablier. Previously Rufus had a contract with The Black Winged Chain of the Barmas' Doors to the Abyss, Dodo - often with Dodo to forgive them.

But Rufus deliberately canceled his contract with Dodo by breaking the key to the Barma door to the abyss. A threefold Pandora spy to win the Baskervilles' confidence after learning the true story of Sablier's tragedy, Rufus planted evidence for Oz soon after the Pandora was taken over by the latter.

When Rufus smashed the Barma Key, he unfortunately reaped the suspicions of Oswald - who had owned his heir Leo. So Oswald took Rufus with him to Sablier when he wanted to return in order to murder Lacie to improve the fortune so that he could keep an open mind on Rufus at all.

Oswald recognized Rufus was a betrayer and after that he went on the attack without a second thought. Luckily Rufus escaped and later helped Sheryl ward off the chain infiltration in Sablier, while Oz, Alice and Gilbert pressed forward to stop Oswald. Oz and the company's continuing progress continues Rufus' effort to help Sheryl protect the Sablier people.

Sheryl also denied Rufus' proposals of marriage and quoted above all how much it was hurting her when he assaulted with Dodo. Rufus passed away at the tender ages of 70 three years after the rebuilding of the community - although Sheryl still visited his tomb in the years after his demise and talked to him about Japanese cereals.

As a young man with long purple-haired backs and backs flowing down, Rufus's pony is brushing towards the right half of his face and a single thick streak, an hoge, protrudes over his skull. Rufus' gaze is deep gray and longer than that of the other figures, as his familiy comes from a neighbouring state.

In order to enhance his strange look, Rufus' skin tone is also much paler than that of the other people. Mostly Rufus is wearing a thick, cream-colored garment with a blackened neck, which Rufus keeps closed except for a simple knob to show Rufus' pure pink ascetic. This gown is deep reddish inside, and the gown itself is divided in two places on the front so that a long rectangle stripe of cloth can hung in front of Rufus, which covers his body.

Rufus is wearing a lightly woven cotton chemise, close fit trousers and high heels. Reputations of Rufus also often appear in another way, namely an delusion that Dodo made. Rufus is a big round man with a moustache, fierce looks and funny traits, paired with a cap in the shape of a cup of teapot (which actually contains tea).

As Xerxes Break exposes this shape only as an delusion, Rufus is the man who always impersonates Sheryl's servant. The longest duke alive, Rufus is particularly well-informed and has a considerable amount of brain. Callus functions as Sheryl's servant, and it is suggested by the Omaks that he has a romance of interest in her, although this affection goes unanswered.

Later it was proved that Rufus and Sheryl did not get along in the past, as they usually argument. Only when Sheryl disclosed her betrothal to Rufus did he realize that he had fell in love with Sheryl. To his great consternation, Sheryl once again refused his suggestions. Nevertheless, the two became very tight buddies, as you can see, when Rufus and Sheryl swapped keys to the abyss.

Whenever he had the opportunity, Rufus would visit Sheryl. He is pragmatic too. But Rufus turned out to be a twin operative. Having discovered the true nature of the Sablier tragedy, Rufus immediately made a plan to join forces with the Bakervilles and secretly help Oz and his family. Doing this is due to his wish to stop Sheryl and Oz and his buddies from getting injured despite the ventures and implications resulting from his activities.

Faced by Oswald (who took over Leo's body) for his motif, Rufus openly says his reason: he still wanted to get married to Sheryl, much to Vincent's delight and surprise. Though Sheryl was still angry at him for wounding her, she forgives him and the two of them got back together.

By Gilbert talking, while Rufus never ended up marrying Sheryl, Gilbert thought that Rufus was fortunate in his relation to her to the end. He has an unbelievable intelligence, which he has gathered in the course of his life (through his curiosity). He has also demonstrated different close range skills using his box as a weapons to stand up to the Xerxes Break saber.

Callus has a contract with the Black Winged Chain, which protects the Barma Door to the Abyss, Dodo. By using Dodo, Rufus is able to project multiple delusions of everything Rufus would like. In addition to the projection of illusion, Dodo is also able to detect a deformation between Earth and Abyss that allows Rufus to enter the Abyss if he wishes, and the use of deep energies as a source of alternative attack when necessary.

He also has incredible power and stamina, but unlike his colleagues Black Winged Chains, Dodo is unable to fly due to the mass of his torso and the dimensions of his pianofig. I' m going to join the more powerful faction and rescue the Barma House. I' ve at last decoded Arthur Barma's memo.

All that was wrote there was Arthur Barma's admission. That'?s how I found out the true story about the Sablier tragedy. "The Barma dynasty once dedicated itself to the exploration of ancient science of ancient science, to the study of ancient music. Rufus' name means "redheaded" in Latin. Rufus's star is Aries. He' s the teenage boyfriend of Sheryl Rainsworth, Sharon's grandma, whom he dreads, as some of Sharon's personalities do.

Retrace XLIII: Crown of Clown shows that Rufus has a Lorikeet, an indication that a Lory took part in the Caucus Race at Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice and Break call him "Bird-Brained Duke", and Rufus Isla Yura also referred to this in Retrace XLVIII.

Rufus' is speaking in an older version of the Japonese which makes his talk more complicated than any other character.

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