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The Barma Video 2016

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Sunday, 26 June 2016 8:30.

Burmese Buddhaist organisation Ma Ba Tha is fighting against Rohingya Muslime (The Infidel 2016-03-17)

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Burmese Muslim arrested for gasoline assault on female Buddha leader

An Islamic from Burma was condemned to 26 years in prison for an assault on a Tibetan Buddha women that resulted in at least two nights of Shan state brutality in May. In the aftermath of the raid, young Buddhists carrying clubs marched through the city of Lashio in their quest for Muslims.

At least 43 persons - mostly Muslims - were killed in March in a violent incident that broke out after a dispute in a Muslim store in downtown Meiktila. Both the shopkeeper and nine other persons, also Muslims, were arrested last months for this crime. Last year, the racial war in Rakhine state killed almost 200 and drove ten thousand deaths.

Sacrifice 24 was burnt in the assault, say cops. As at least one individual was murdered and a religious shrine and an abandoned children's home were burnt down in the following assault, which allegedly broke out after the cops declined to surrender Nay Win to a group. "We' ve detained about 60 persons found by members of the guard with staffs and blades during the violence," Major Moe Zaw Linn, spokesperson for the AFP press office, said.

Video: Burma: a death after recent anti-Muslim unrest

Since they could not go home, many were too afraid of further attack to abandon them. So far, in Okkan and three remote towns, he said, police have arrested 18 assailants who have demolished 157 houses and businesses and at least two mosques. in Okkan and three remote towns. The Okkan is only 60 leagues from Yangon. These riots were the first since the end of March, when the city of Meikthila, further to the North in the centre of Burma, was plagued by similar Buddhist acts of brutality and at least 43 persons were killed.

Muslims said that a mix of natives and non-natives was to blame for the Okkan war. There was no information from the cops as to who was behind the attack. However, a member of the pro-government National Union National Union Political Group, Myint Thein, said that members of a Buddhist camp named "969" were participating. There is a small but rapid proliferation of the Buddhist push to buy only in Buddhist shops and not marry, rent or sell their houses or lands to Muslims in recent month, and defenders of fundamental freedoms say they have contributed to fomenting bloodthirsty anti-Muslimogroms.

What would become of the new expellees in Okkan was not immediately clear. Some Muslims said that they did not felt secure, but they would not go because they were afraid of more attack elsewhere. Said they didn't dare to defend the cops and asked themselves how they would live and get nourishment.

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