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I' ve taken more photos of people in Burma (Myanmar) than anywhere else on our trip around the world. Ancient pagoda picture in Barma, Myanmar, on a sunny day stock photo, pictures and stock photos. Cook BEHAR PANCHANANAN BARMA UNIVERSITY, A was named after the great social reformer Thakur Panchanan Barma. Image of a grain in front of a silo. Name/type/version/ ammunition/origin/image.

Burma's Muslim'cleansing' lies in Burma's public relations press - The Express Tribune Blog

You can see the occasional publication of images of different individuals with picture signatures such as "killing Muslims in Burma", "Muslims butchered by Buddhists in Burma" and so on. So I accepted the task of finding out the reality for myself once and for all and did research into some images that I thought were doubtful.

In the following you will find some images and their originals. The image was split on Facebook. I' ve found the orginal one, which doesn't read like the one on the Sites. The image was taken in 2010 after an earthquake in China and shows the Tibetans' attempts to save the people.

Today, Islamist factions and some other factions share this view as the murder and massacre of Muslims in Burma. A further widespread painting entitled "More than 1,000 deaths in Burma" is also counterfeit. As you can see below, the album was recorded in Thailand in 2004.

The photo shows demonstrators gasified with lacrimal gas outside the Tal Bai policestation in Bangkok. It is about 1,409.9 km from Burma! The thing about these photographs that is reckless is the fact ual lack of knowledge of the hatred that these deceptive photographs can trigger. Below you find another photo that was put on line, this one with an impressum of Jamaat-e-Islami top lefts.

It''Budhist terrorists in Burma are killing 500 Muslims. This is also a fake painting, as you can imagine. The truth is that this is part of a human rights abuse by the Thai authorities against the Rohingya people of Burma. This is another example of such a misapprehension spread through various online communities about the Muslim slaughter in Burma.

It' s very deceptive, considering that the photo is about the unrest in Thailand in 2003! Now take a look at the painting below and see how it is taken out of perspective. Now look at the real thing. This is not even an approximation of the actual photo above.

I' m not denying the murders of Muslims in Burma for even a second. It is horrible and I understand the enormous losses my Muslims have experienced abroad. Think how many stories we are told by these images.

When such dramatic manipulations and edits are made to fulfill someone's policy or personality agendas, how can one rely on any picture on-line? If used correctly, it can be an effective way of raising user consciousness, but it can also be an just as perilous medium if abused.

We only need a false picture to marginalise ourselves.

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