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A shocking picture of a desperate baby in the mud captures the plight of Rohingya refugees after "ethnic cleansing" in Burma. Galerie ' Burma ' Picture. Myanmar War Veterans Memorial (Jofuku in Manihoto Temple), Koya-cho picture: Aung San Suu Kyi's picture on the wall of the radio studio.

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Tour Mandalay was formed in 1994 as a privately held company and is one of the oldest and most experience in Myanmar. As the number of tourists is expected to rise to 7.5 million annually by the end of 2020, we are pleased that interest in our Golden Land is at last rising again.

By working with you, our affiliates and the communities, we are convinced that we can achieve this while offering our customers outstanding services and experience.

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Stephen Studd, a photographer who has travelled to Myanmar (Burma) several places since 2004, says it is one of the best places he has been shot in years. He will explain why Burma is so photographical and give his advice on how to photograph your trip below. Proprietor and guide of Digital Photography Holidays and with 24 years of professional expertise, Stephen devotes most of her free day to accompanying enthusiastic and enthusiastic hobbyists from Paris to Cambodia to help them get the most out of their camera and their travels.

These are his five best hints for taking the best pictures of your trip: Lights are the key: twilight and twilight are what we call the gold hour in the world of photo, they provide the ideal illumination for breathtaking work. If you place the primary point of interest in one of these third, the eyes are of course directed towards it and the image becomes more optically appealing.

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Burma Tours Expert is a department of Alan Tour, based in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Regardless of your travel destinations and budgets, Myanmar Tours' expert teams and practical personnel are planning a personalized Burma Tour & Indochina Tour to meet your travel needs. The Myanmar Tours expert group!

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