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Quit killing barma's muslims. But Allah will reward those Muslims who are burned or killed in Barma. You will find the perfect Barma Stock photo. Pictures of Barma, Doncaster East, Melbourne. Location La Barma, Nus Picture:

Photogallery of Burma and the Frontier

This pictures are some of our favorites from Burma and the Thai-Burmese frontier. The refugees were received in the towns and in the country, in displaced persons centres and ethnical oppositions centres, in areas under the control and liberation of the state. It is our aim to divide these pictures with as large an public as possible.

We' ll be posting new pictures on a regular basis, so come back soon to visit the galery!

Photographs of Muslims murdered with gunmen in Meiktila, Myanmar

The Muslim stores in the Correction Service buildings were also damaged. While some Buddhists have a liking for Moslems, others do not.

I say to the Mayan Mar administration and all the horrors that are developing. Rramzan says: Please stop murdering them. These Moslems are first people, then them. Where' U.N. and people' s right they only say Moslems are radicals, but they are their own big big radicals because, why they remain silent, they have to take measures.

As FAIZAN says: "Please stop slaughtering Moslems; These Moslems are first people, then Moslems; in the name of Moslems, please feel sorry for them. I' m surprised that why UNO, OIC, Burmese government, Burmese humanitarian organizations, keep all eye, why are all keeping SILANTM?

The Burmese government and the peaches of Burmese civilian societies were to defend Burmese Islam. We are a mortal being and will show phlz, humanness and sinmpathee, which is the fundamental unity of all faiths. Quamar says: these folks are people before they are moslems, so where is UNO. where is France. where is America. where are all of those humanitarian right any of those can tell me where are they who are attacking Libya and Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq. for killing only a couple like Obama ,Kadafi and Sadam Hussain, why they shut their eyes on this stuff?

I' m not a Moslem, but I' m respecting all the lives of men. If Moslems are embroiled in terrorism, why don't you shut up now? Soon those who kill Moslems will also perish, then Allah will do real righteousness and Allah will requite those Moslems who are burnt or slayed.

Why are the Muslim leaders so quiet? Almost 60 Muslim lands exist. Might as well take steps against the government of Burma. The Muslim emperors are the successors of America. Where' s the UN, the OIC and the defender of people? Someday there will come Ingallah, when the Moslems will dominate the whole world.

Respecting people until they stay people. It is no longer compassion for Moslems in every part of the globe, but the moment has come for Buddhists and other such perpetrators to endure devotion. Allaah Hamara hayyu Nasir ho. a pathan furkhan Says: aur shabhi musalman shhaiyon se guyarish shark please choop with a hatho. knata paske bath humanare pe bo yohi mosibat paaye please kitchen actions loo. wqas camboh Says:

This is an appealing to be made to Burmese Muslims to use their voice to help them. May I also call on the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to give special consideration to this matter and to take note of the brutality against non-armed and innocent people. This seems to be a second Hitler in the whole wide globe who has begun to take vengeance on the non-armed Islamic civilian population in Burma.

Burma's terror chief should end this cruelty to Muslims as soon as possible, otherwise the fire will come to the door of his own home and be spawned with his members of the Burmese families and the whole wide globe will see how we do it now. plz says: plz plz plz: stop killing Innocent Burma Muslims. mashir says: nohamedarshad says: naha says: nahasha says:

Stop killin' her, please, please, please, please, please! That is the true form of people. So where are the people?

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