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Faith persecution in Burma against Christians is continuing Reverend Bob Roberts, who has just come back from his visit to the Kachin area, and two Kachin Christians who have fled the persecutions, will talk about their experiences in Burma under the domination of the Buddha party and the military's recent activities to expel minority religions from the state. Faith Coalition calls on the US administration to be more aggressive and to impose penalties on the Myanmar administration and its army.

More than 700,000 Rohingya escapees have escaped from Burma since August 2017 because the Myanmar authorities have committed terrible acts of torturing, raping and killing. Kachin Christians are now faced with the same kind of treatments as those of war. and we urge President Trump to help the local population.

We can no longer have our brethren suffer through these beaters. Both Kachin and Rohingya must be returned to their land and village with all rights," said Pastor Bob Roberts. Burma's FAITH Coalition to Stop Genocides is a unified group of US believers from different religions who have joined forces out of grave concerns over the plight of the Rohingya tribe of Burma/Myanmar, who are at grave peril of extermination and extermination by the Myanmar forces.

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A hundred and forty thousand killed when a large Myanmar storm struck in 2008. UNHCR evaluates the rights of refugees of millions around the world. However, the involvement of the Rohingya crises has clouded its name. Many Rohingyas in the county are state insignificant and live in abeyance.

The Rohingya Return Agreement, its conditions, delays and effective application therefore have an impact on the life of tens of millions of people. Bangladesh Rohingyas' reception is in sharp contradiction to Europe, which has been confronted with a similar flow of Sirenean migrants. China's stance towards Myanmar is a reflection of a greater strategy: to strengthen its position in Asia at the cost of the American order.

It is unknowingly contributing to the incitement to the Rohingya massacre in Myanmar. MEPs from abroad can reinforce the embassy's statement that violent acts against the Rohingya will have repercussions for Myanmar's relationship with Europe in the years to come. What are the Rohingya being brought home for? There' s a Buddhist struggle on the roads of Myanmar.

When more than 800,000 Rohingya escaped from Myanmar to Bangladesh, a major human rights crises broke out. Now, ten years after the Saffron Revolution in Myanmar, some Buddhist friars are proclaiming force against Muslim or Hindus in the name of the "holy battle". Interview in a camp of refugees on the Thai -Bangladesh/Myanmar frontier paints a gloomy image that accounts for why so many Rohingya escaped from Myanmar so quickly.

In spite of a strong global effort to defend the civilian population from genocide, the world's reaction to Myanmar's ethnical cleansings has been weak. There were all the marks when I lived in Myanmar at the most rosy time of the democratic transformation. The construction of large hydroelectric power plants can supply much-needed power to Myanmar.

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