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Bardi was an important Florentine nobleman who founded the mighty bank Compagnia dei Bardi. The Bardis Edward III of England loaned 900,000 florin coins in the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, a loan he could not pay back together with 600,000 florin coins loaned by the Peruzziis.

The Bardi dynasty worked in various centers throughout the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries and played an important part in funding some of the early explorations of America, among them those of Christopher Columbus and John Cabot. Since 1164, when Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa handed over the Vernio estate to Count Alberto and "the right to give the titles of nobleship to his descendants", the Bardi family's aristocracy has been known.

Contessa Margherita, the last of Alberto's line, was the one who bought Vernio to her son-in-lawier, Bardi. The Bardi dynasty became so strong in the 19th and 20th centuries that the Flemish authorities regarded it as a threaten. In spite of the bank's collapse, the Bardi dynasty was one of Italy's most prosperous traders and benefited from its prestigious state.

Many members of the Holy Father's household held important posts such as crusader and ambassador to the Pope in Rome; some were even chivalrous. Contessina de' Bardi's wedding to Cosimo de' Medicis around 1415 was a pivotal moment in the founding of the House of the Medicis in Florence. She repaid the Bardiis for their assistance and restored their right to politics on his rise in 1434.

The Bardis, along with the bank, were "great supporters of monks". "Louise of Toulouse (1274-1297), the 1317 sainted Franziskaner-Bischof, was very closely related to the Bardiis. You bought the band consecrated to St. Francis. On the right of the alter they constructed a new, bigger band and devoted it to Louise of Toulouse.

Bardi Orchestra, consecrated to St. Francis, was established around 1310 by Ridolfo de Bardi, when his fathers death and legacy was bequeathed to him and Bardi ran the town. Other Bardi bands existed, such as that of St. Lawrence and the Martyrs, and of St. Silvestor and the Confessors.

There are two important works, both of which are known as the Bardi Altarpiece, by Sandro Botticelli (1484-85, now in Berlin) and by Parmigianino, the latter after the city and not after the name of his name. Palazzo Busini Bardi was one of the Palazzo families in Florence. "15th-century Lucrezia Tornabuoni de' Medici and the Medici dynasty - by Maria Grazia Pernis and Laurie Schneider Adams".

Medici women:

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