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Myanmar Banks - Overview, Guide to the best banks in Myanmar Established in 1948 as the Union of Burma, the CBM (Central Banks of Myanmar) is the country's main currency agency. It also oversees Myanmar's banks, both public and retail. Myanmar launched the first comprehensive review of state-owned banks in 2017 as part of the modernisation of its banking system and risk management activities for the country's fast paced population.

This is a useful guideline for anyone considering a careers in Myanmar as a banker. Among the top banks in Myanmar are: Kanbawza is the largest privately owned group in Myanmar, founded in 1994. It is a KBZ Group company. With its headquarters in Yangon, it serves over 200 branch offices and more than 80 bureaux de change throughout the state.

Yoma is one of the largest banks in Myanmar, established in 1993 by First Myanmar Investment Company. It has several offices in 24 towns across the nation. It was the first Myanmar branch to introduce a computerised billing system in 1999 and installed Wi-Fi to link all branch offices via satellites.

The Asia Green Development and Development Banks (AGD Bank) commenced business in Myanmar in 2010. The AGD was 100% held by the Htoo Group of Companies before it was transformed into a joint-stock corporation in 2013. It has 70 offices throughout the entire nation and provides merchant and currency change service through its 65 currency counter.

The Ayeyarwady Banks (AYA Bank) started operating in Myanmar in 2010. One of AYA Bank's main activities is to provide personal and business finance solutions and support in the state. The Yangon-based privately-owned company runs a branch office in Yangon with a total of 227 outlets. The United Amara Banks in Myanmar provides comprehensive local and international currency financial solutions.

In 2012, the EIB will have a non-German licence to draw up letters of credit and carry out non-German operations such as cross-border credit transfer. Founded in 1992, Co-operative Line Limited (CB Bank) serves over 90 offices throughout Myanmar. With its headquarters in Latha, it runs one of the largest network in the state.

It is one of the first banks to offer advanced financial solutions in Myanmar. Innwa is an Innwa Group company founded in 1997 by the Myanmar Economic Cooperation (MEC) and is led by Tatmadaw's pensioned and proactive armed forces, which are part of Myanmar's Ministry of Defense. The majority of the bank's offices are in Yangon and other major Myanmar towns.

Myanma Economic Bank, established in 1976 as a State Commercial Bank affiliate, is one of the oldest banks in Myanmar. Formerly known as Burma Economic Bank, it is also one of the largest banks in the state with 300 branch offices, six main departments and 14 state and divisional banking offices in the main municipalities.

Myanma FX Banks specialises in the provision of international financial advisory and advisory service. The MFTB provides trading and forex related financial advisory to Myanmar-based state-owned companies, the federal and state governments and non-residents. Founded in 1990 by the Financial Institutions of Myanmar Law. Founded in 1900, Myanma Investments and Trading Ltd. is a Myanma based financial institution focused on the provision of local cash advances and corporate credit for trading, developing and investing operations.

MICB also provides global finance solutions, with offices mainly in Mandalay and Yangon, providing debt recovery, letter of credit and payment and settlement solutions to Myanmar's import and export businesses. There are a few important things to concentrate on in order to get into the field of investmentbanking. Our finance modelling training gives you a clear competitive advantage in the field of finance.

It was a guideline for the best banks in Myanmar. This is a great place for anyone looking for a banker' s job to get started on the network.

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