Officially the city of Banjul and formerly known as Bathurst, Banjul is the capital of Gambia and is located in a department of the same name. The Banjul, city, capital and Atlantic port of Gambia, on St. Mary's Island, near the mouth of the Gambia River. It is difficult to imagine a more improbable or consistently ignored capital than the tiny port city of Banjul. Banjul, at the mouth of the Gambia River, is an often overlooked seaport for economic and cultural activities.

It is the third largest city and capital of Gambia, the smallest nation on the African continent.

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Banjul, official the town of Banjul and formerly known as Bathurst, is the Gambia's main town and is located in a department of the same name.... Situated on St. Mary's Island (Banjul Island), where the Gambia River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. There are 31,301 inhabitants in the actual town, with 413,397 inhabitants in the Greater Banjul Area, which comprises the town of Banjul and the Kanifing Municipal Council (census 2013).

1 ] The islands are linked with the continent in the western part and with the Greater Banjul Area in the other part. You can also find a ferry that connects Banjul with the land on the other side of the Danube, at the Banjul entry. The name of the city was renamed Banjul in 1973 after it gained sovereignty.

On 22 July 1994 a non-bloody putsch took place in Banjul in which President Dawda Jawara was ousted and Yahya Jammeh took his place. In memory of this occasion, Arch 22 was constructed as an entry gate to the city. The Banjul is the target of the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge, a philanthropic challenge.

The Gambia Technical Trainings Institute is also based in Banjul. Currently, GTTI is working with the non-profit organisation Power Up Gambia to create a programme of education on the use of renewable energies. The Banjul has a very hot weather all year round. Banjul has a rain and humid tropics under the Köppen climatic rating.

It has a long drought period from November to June and a relatively brief rainy period for the rest of the four month period. During these four month period Banjul tends to show strong rainfall. Road is the main way to reach the town by road. There is a motorway connecting Banjul with Serrekunda, which traverses the Denton Bridge, but the ferry service is different.

From May 2014, regular ferry services will operate from Banjul across the Gambia River to Barra. 11 ] The airport Banjul serves the town. Situated on the Trans-West African Coastal highway linking Banjul to Dakar and Bissau, Banjul will ultimately create a cobbled motorway connection to 11 other countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

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