Banggui (French pronunciation:[b???i]) (or Bangî in Sango, formerly Bangi written in English) is the capital and largest city of the Central African Republic. It is the capital of the Central African Republic.

The capital and largest city of the landlocked state of the Central African Republic.


Banggui (French pronunciation:[b???i]) (or Bangî in Sango, formerly Bangi in English ) is the main town and the biggest town of the Central African Republic..... Founded in 1889 as a Macedonian station and called after its position on the Ubangi River's northerly shore (French: Oubangui), the Ubangi itself was called after the Bobangi term for the "rapids" next to the settlement[2], which marks the end of manoeuvrable waters just south of Brazzaville.

Most of the Central African Republic's people live in the west of the republic, in Bangui and the area. It is an independent municipality of the Central African Republic, encircled by Ombella-M'Poko Prv. Bangui, the Central African Republic's capitol, functions as a center of administration, commerce and commerce.

There are flights from Bangui M'Poko International Airport. Ngaragba's National Assembly, administration building, banking, foreign companies and consulates, clinics, hotels, major stores and central prison are there. The Bangui group produces textile, groceries, beer, footwear and soaps. Notre-Dame Cathedral is the headquarters of the Bangui Archdiocese.

Bangui University, opened in 1970, is also located in the town. The Bangui region has been the site of intensive rebellious activities and devastation during many years of radical change, culminating in the recent revolt. Bangui in 1912. The post-election post-election violent events took place in Bangui in March 1981, after Operation Caban caused the French to abandon Bokassa (who had started to call himself Emperor Bokassa I) and replace him with David Dacko.

Enemies of the president gathered in Bangui and were compelled to leave the state. Bokassa was put on trial after his voluntary return to Bangui in the fall of 1986. About 200 Central African Republic troops rebelled in Bangui in May 1996, calling for pay rises and the resignation of Ange-Félix Patassé.

In January 1997, the Patassé administration, opposing groups and faith-based groups ratified the Bangui Agreements, which provided for a range of actions to bring reconciliation between rival groups and to bring about economic upturn. In the same year, the rebels rejected a Bangui army stronghold and a new uprising erupted in June.

Sattview of Bangui. OUBANGUI: Rivers on the edge of Bangui. Bangui, near the south boarder of the state, is situated on the north bank of the Ubangi Riviera, just below a row of rapid passages that delimit the great merchant navigation upstream. It is the only large town on the riverbank covering an area of 67 sqkm.

Sailable Ubangi with the background of luxuriant verdant hill, turns sharp southwards below Bangui and joins the Congo Riviera just below the Brazzaville River, its main creeks. Ubangi represents the boundary between the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Zongo is the Congo municipality opposite Bangui. It runs eastwards of Bangui inner Bangui. In the wet seasons, the flow in the stream is three time higher than during the year. Near the riverbank there is a large arc to which Bokassa is devoted, as well as the President's House and the main fair.

Bangui Magnetic Anomaly, one of the biggest crust abnormalities on the planet and the biggest in Africa, has its center in Bangui. "It has the shape of a giant 700 km x 1,000 km rectangle with its center at 6 degree N and 18 degree E.

There are three parts or sections comprising the north, south and center anomaly. There is a magnetized line through the center of the characteristic. The city is an administration, trading and trading city. Dacko founded a diamondpolishing company in Bangui, and the diamant became the country's top-exporter.

At the same time, Bangui became the center for local community and culture activities when new facilities were inaugurated. The first Bangui Raiffeisen International subsidiary was opened in 1946. Arabic salesmen ruled the town, and from a historical point of view it was an important center for the trade in ivories.

35 ] Bangui produces, among other things, textile, groceries, beer, footwear and soaps. The NgaragbaCentralPrison, the men's jail, is in Bangui. Bangui's old city has maintained its rural urban design with broad streets that lead to the main squares. 37 ] Bangui has the Boganda Museum, the Bangui Zoo,[38] and the Presidential Palace, formerly the Bokassa Palace.

The cathedral Notre-Dame is the headquarters of the Bangui Archdiocese. Ledger Plaza Bangui on the edge of town claimed to be a five-star resort with an open-air bath and indoor courts. The Golf Palace and the 72-room hotels, the JM Residence, the Oubangui and the Somba with 23 rooms are also remarkable.

Whenever someone in Bangui is dying, a local agent from his community is there. The majority of Bangui celebrations are related to the Christians and Muslims and are the same as in other parts of the rest of the know. It' a Boulangeria in Bangui. The Bangui has a long musical heritage and presents the local folk songs.

Bangui groups were affected by Zokela in the 1980s. Favourite local groups and dancing groups include Musiki, Zokela, Makembe, Cool Stars, Cannon Stars and Super Stars. 38 ] Bokassa founded a Bangui musical studios during his presidential term and engaged in singing his hymn to hymns that emphasize his imperial virtues and developing his ritual among his population.

Ubangi River Bangui boating races. The Bangui was host of the 1974 FIBA Africa Championship, in which the Central African Republic winning one of their two continent cups. Men and men from Bangui and the whole of Bangui have taken part in the Olympic Games and many foreign activities since 1968.

38 ] The natives also organise boating events with several hundred competitors on the Ubangi River, which is an important tourist area. I saw him at a Bangui language institute. The University of Bangui, established in 1969 by President Jean-Bédel Bokassa, who has been running it since 1970, is located in Bangui.

45 ][46] As a non-profit organization, the Central African Republic offers non-agricultural schooling. In 1981, the Universitätsbibliothek moved into a seperate house containing its scientific, literary and legal collection. There is a dedicated hospital ward at the Faculty of Medicine. In Bangui city center, the main Christian groups, in the order of their representatives, are the Christians who make up the minority, the animists according to old convictions and the Muslims.

Bangui is home to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception under the Bangui Catholic diocese, as is the Church of Fatima. 50 ] The Archiediocese was founded on 8 May 1909 as the Apostolic Prefecture of Oubangui Chari. The Pope John Paul II paid a visit to Bangui in August 1985.

Bishop Notre-Dame in Bangui is the Episcopal residence. 51 ] Islam, with about 20,000 Muslims in Bangui, is the last remaining one. It also took the Moslem name Sala Eddine Ahmed Bou Kassa, but it was short-lived because he wanted to build a cath. in Bangui.

Notre Dame D'Afrique and the church of Fatima are situated at KM 5. Links: Vehicles in Bangui. Haniège Bangui International Airport. The city of Bangui is the traffic junction of the Central African Republic. Ferryboats run from Bangui to Brazzaville and Zongo. It can be used almost all year round between Bangui and Brazzaville.

With a transhipment area of 350,000 tonnes, 350 meters of quay facilities and 24,000 sqm of storage area, the terminal is responsible for the bulk of the company's global trading activities. Bangui's first runway was constructed between 1920 and 1925.

The Bangui M'Poko International Aerodrome (IATA Aerodrome BGF ) is situated on 600 ha of cleared area 7 km northern of Martyrerallee, between Koudoukou Avenue and the University of Bangui. Bangui is planned to be connected to the Transcameroonian Railway, which would be an advantage for the state.

There is a general infirmary in the east of the town. There are only in Bangui state-of-the-art healthcare institutions, but they are impoverished and offer minimum provision. Bangui and the Pygma Champs also have a much higher chance of capturing the disease than the remainder of the state. In October 1985, a meeting of civil servants in the field of civil service took place in Bangui, which was also attended by the disease control centres and the World-HealthO.

It developed a diagnostical definiton of AIDS, which became known as the Bangui definiton for AIDS. Bangui was a problem because immunosuppression can also be due to undernourishment. In Bangui, several magazines and three dailies are published: 38 ] Most of the country's institutes have branches in Bangui, among them Électricité de France (EDF).

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