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This English-language daily newspaper is published in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Beximco Group from Bangladesh owns it. For all new/up-to-date information from the Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC, USA, please click here. It is the best website where you can read all the newspapers and magazines of Bangladesh and Calcutta and other countries. A fortnightly newspaper focusing on aviation and tourism.

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This is an English-language paper distributed in Dhaka, Bangladesh[1] It belongs to the Beximco Group of Bangladesh,[2] it is the only 32-page full-colour paper in Bangladesh. Stethoscope, Young and Independent, Faith, The Weekend Independent Magazine, Dhaka Live (daily). Congratulations to The Independent on its relaunch. It'?s the big star.

The Independent Yearbook, Bangladesh. The Beximco Group. Independents. The Bangladeshi press release is a blunt one. It' a stumpy piece of news in Asia.

Bangladesh Embassy in Washington DC

Bangladesh Embassy Washington, DC No. BEW/AD/247/13 ... For all new/up-to-date information from the Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC, USA, please click here. H.E. Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, DC, has just autographed a PROCLAMATION marking 26 March as "BANGLADESH DAY" messages from Hon'ble President of Bangladesh, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Hon'ble Foreign Minister and Hon'ble Minister of State for Foreigners...

Bangladesh papers bamboozled by The Onion'spoof Moon Landung history

They and the New Nation, who also led the history, did not realize that the onion, which also publishes a periodical, was not a real newsmagazine. Armstrong said in the satire article: Since then we have learnt that the site contains fake and succulent accounts of a historical incident," said Daily Manab Zamin, a popular paper, in a paper excuse.

"Lunar landings were a history that got many matches on the web. "Neil Armstrong never gave such an interrogation. Hazanuzzuman Khan, co-editor of The New Nation, said to the AFP newscast: "We have a lot to say about this: that the onion wasn't a true breaking newscast site."

They are the best valued and most loved papers in the land.

They are the best valued and most loved papers in the land. A number of them are in English, most of them in Bengali. There are a certain number of papers available in both national and international versions on the relevant web sites. The unique feature of this website is that anyone who needs information from Bangladesh's best papers doesn't have to go anywhere else.

The only website that offers more than enough contents for reporters, members of the press, university and college graduates, policy makers, business men and women, and individuals from all spheres of the world. It' a very beloved Bangladesh paper on line. He is privileged to be the first round-the-clock intelligence agency in the state. It offers employment to literally a hundred journalist, among them photographers in Bangladesh.

New in Bangladesh 24 Hours Ltd. Alo is a Bengali language paper, which is Bangladesh's main and most loved one. She has the widest audience in the state. Prothom Alo's website is considered the most frequently used in the whole wide range of industries.

It is a singular honour of this paper to emphasize the sensitivity of the community to discriminate against females and readily available chemical substances used in crime and household abuse. It is an on-line paper available in both English and Bengali. Bangladesh's thousands of visitors come to every single working days to view local and global messages.

Located in Dhaka, the site is very much loved by youngsters and provides great reporting on the world. Bangladesh's second most widely read Bengali bilingual paper, The Daily Kaler Kantho. This paper has a print run of slightly less than 0.3 million, which shows its appeal to the population., like its name, is a growing player in Bangladesh's message business. Available in both Bengali and English. It' known for dealing with a multitude of topics and giving messages about every single county in the state. Over a hundred reporters and editorial staff work for this on-line paper. also has a large number of correspondent from all districts of Bangladesh. It' s thought that almost 120,000 visitors to this website every single workingday. Daily Naya Diganta is a Bengali bilingual paper with a large print run of 0.2 million copies. It' also known as the lowest priced paper in Bangladesh.

But it is often criticised for its right-wing extremist ideas because it takes more account of the view of Bangladesh's right-wing extremist group. One of Bangladesh's most beloved tabloids is Manab Zamin. This paper's website is considered one of the most frequently used Bengali language websites in the interna-tion.

Every day, 0.6 million visitors from all over the oceans come to Manab Zamin's website. Although it is a popular newspaper, it has the honour to have links with high-ranking sport organisations at home and abroad. Statistically, Manab Zamin's website is the fifteenth best website in Bangladesh and the fourth best Bengali newscast website around the planet.

Daily Ittefaq is Bangladesh's oldest and most widely read paper. It' a Bengali language paper founded in the 1950s. It is attributed with the coverage of many events during the 1971 conflict and is therefore the favourite paper of the elderly in Bangladesh.

Although the Daily Jugantor was only found 16 years ago, it is now Bangladesh's most widely reading newpaper. That is why it now has a print run of 0.3 million and is loved evenly by persons from all spheres of the world. That is to say, this paper is a good example for other papers and editors.

Bangladesh's most widely reading and highest-circulation British paper, The Daily Star. A further special feature of this paper are its very instructive but libertarian leading articles, which make it very well-loved.

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