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For your information, we list the most important Bangladesh newspaper and information websites in both Bengali and German. Bangladesh's first newspaper on the net. New Nation - The New Nation Online Issue. You can find more newspaper and newspaper articles in German here.

When you are dejected by all the negative messages, have some enjoyment at "Jutar Bari - ????? ?????". You can find more Bengal newspaper reports here. When you are dejected by all the negative messages, have some enjoyment at "Jutar Bari - ????? ?????".

Audioclip'conquers Bangladesh's drug suspects' | World Press Releases

Bangladesh PD murdered a policeman, and a telephone call revealed new fears about a Philippine-style drug campaign, after 130 deaths in three wards. Bangladesh's elitebattalion Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) said last weekend it murdered Akramul Haque in a shooting on May 27.

4 and a half later, at Cox's Bazar Newseclub in the south of Bangladesh, his woman Ayesha was playing a number of telephone calls she had made that evening with her late televised man, allegedly painting a different one. He makes the last call, but only the subdued voice of several men can be heared.

One man, whom she identified as Akram, says: "I am not involved". A few seconds later a bullet is fired, then a man moans, then another bullet. Ayesha' s allegations that her husband' s life was a "planned murder" were featured on the front page of the daily Daily Star and triggered a discussion in Bangladesh about the recent fight against intoxication.

Bangladesh's riot control force has killed at least 131 suspicious traffickers in the last three week, according to assessments by the country's regional press, in reaction to what the agencies say is a flourishing trafficking in illicit narcotics, particularly methamphetamines known as yaba. They have been called nightly shootings and claim that guns and narcotics have been retrieved from most corpses.

Over 10,000 persons were detained as part of the initiative. However, defenders of humanitarian law and several of the victims' family members have called into question the policing side of the story, and have argued that their relations have never been drug abused or slaughtered as part of a bullying action against politicians in the run-up to this year's nationwide poll.

Wahiduzzaman AKM, a member of the Bangladesh Nazi oppositional political group, said that about 15 of those who had been murdered were members of his group. Bangladesh's Daily Star website, which released telephone recording videos, was closed for more than 18 hrs on the weekends by the Bangladeshi Tel.

But after the publication of the audioclips, the authorities ordered a legal investigation and sometimes admitted "mistakes". "If someone or some people have acted with a bad reason in this case, they will face the court," said Bangladesh Interior Secretary Asaduzzaman Khan.

Quader, Obaidul, Minister of Roads and Crossings, said that "one or two mistakes" could be made in such a comprehensive policing action. He said he had listened to the tape and was very worried. "We should not deprive them of the prerogatives of our constitutional and legal rights," said Kazi Reazul Hoque.

In Dhaka last weekend, US envoy Marcia Bernicat said she had also talked about the massacre at a recent visit to the Bangladesh Home Secretary. Activity groups such as Human Rights Watch have compared the philippine anti-drugs action by President Rodrigo Duterte, in which several hundred suspected drugs traffickers have been killed by the policemen, what is called extra-judicial killings by detractors.

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