Bangkok to Yangon Overland

From Bangkok to Yangon overland

Ladies and gentlemen, please describe the route from Bangkok to Yangon OVERLAND. Landing from Singapore to Bangkok - Backpackerlee. Assistance for overland travel between Bangkok and Yangon, Myanmar. No train from Bangkok to Yangon, you have to take a bus.

Bangkok to Yangon overland - Myanmar Forum

I know my mates want to go from Yangon to Bangkok overland, through Kanchannburi in Thailand, that's fine and at which intersection he would have to flee Myanmar. This can be done by going beyond the Htee Kee/Phunaron boundary (for Kanchanaburi). It' a small, isolated door.

The Phu Nam Ron traverse is breathtaking - sometimes you even see an bull along the roads. Myanmar's first place to come is Dawei, many of the surrounding countryside's beautiful sandy beach, a relaxing and verdant place, so take the one or two nights from where you can take the coach to Maylamine or Hpa - and see Buddhist art in the cave, then Golden Rock just before you reach Yangon.

  • that is a stunning Myanmar experience before you even get to Yangon. You can get off at any checkpoint, you do NOT have to go back through it, Here is some of the information about some of the things going on in the area that could influence your decisions......

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Bangkok to Yangon overland.

Doesn't it depending on where you can get into Myanmar? Myawaddy/Mae Sot is nearer to Myanmar's general transportation system. Htee Kee/Phunaron (Kanchanaburi) is a bit more isolated, and the Thai and Myanmar borders are divided by several kilometres (can't run between them). Regardless, you must apply for your Myanmar visa before you arrive at a checkpoint.

Myawaddy < > Yangon Coach, one up and one down days. at Myawaddy. The next morning you can drive directly to Yangon.

Calabash, the above commentary is accurate, if you want a straightforward intersection header to Mae Sot, if your only goal is to get to Yangon, then it's probably your better one. However, if you want the fastest way from Bangkok to Myanmar, the Phu Nam Ron crossroad (200km from Bangkok) is definitely a good idea, you take the Kanchanaburi coach.

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