Bangkok to Myeik

from Bangkok to Myeik

Anyone know the better way from Bangkok to Myeik? Getting there from Yangoon: Though Myanmar has recently relaxed its rules, a trip from the heart of Myanmar such as Yangoon is possible, but can be quite an adventurous experience and will also involve some extra formalities. Alternatively, the simplest way is to take a flight to Phuket International Airport and take a liveaboard or sailing yacht either in Phuket or Khao Lak.

Ranong is a four hours drive from Phuket airport. From Yangoon (Rangoon) there are frequent departures to Kawthaung (Victoria Point), the gate to the Myeik Archipelago. The Air Bagan, Yangon Airways and Air Mandalay are the most frequented carriers to Kawthaung from Yangoon.

However, keep in mind that airfares between these two locations are known for common cancellations or delay due to bad meteorological and other unforeseen conditions. You can jump to the speedboats to Myeik from Kawthaung. Coming from Bangkok: From Bangkok you can either take the plane or take the coach or rail to Ranong, a small city on the Thai Pakchan River board.

It is 40 sea-mile away from Kawthaung and Ranong. We offer frequent Bangkok to Surat Thani services. Coming from Surat Thani you can get to Ranong by road in about 2h30. You can also take the Chumphon rail to Ranong by road.

You can also take a flight from Bangkok to Philuket and get to Ranong by either local or international transportation. Getting there from Phuket: We have frequent air services between Phoket and Ranong. Once you have reached Ranong, you can take the Long Taxi to Kawthaung on the dock.

Direct flight from Bangkok to Myeik started

New Gen Airways, a Bangkok-based carrier, has started non-stop services from Don Mueng Airport in the Thai capitol of Bangkok to the scenic seaside city of Myeik. This new itinerary was started in cooperation with the Tun Htaik Tin Company, a Burmese company. They believe in the touristic power of Myeik as a gate to the Andaman Sea and want to help the area.

Meik is a seaside resort in the Tanintharyi area in the south of Myanmar. It is a delightful and scenic seaside resort and an ideal starting point for exploring the famous Mergui-Archipel. As Myanmar's tourist industry continues to grow in the south, there is a greater choice of tours available from Myeik to the Canaries.

Tours can vary from snorkelling and snorkelling tours to local islets, visit fishermen's communities, to longer multi-day tours of the area. In the Mergui archipelago, a typically two-day excursion to go bouncing on the Mergui includes sea-skiing, snorkelling and walking on the isles. Accomodation is available on board or possibly on some of the isles.

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