Bangkok to Myanmar by Land

From Bangkok to Myanmar by land

Mae Sot border market in Thailand (note the Burmese writing on the shop fronts), which runs across the Friendship Bridge between Mae Sot (Thailand) and Myawaddy (Myanmar) Myawaddy Border Control. I' ve been wondering if anyone could give me some advice, I'm about to travel alone through southeast Asai. Choose a cheaper option and return by land.

Cambodia from Thailand: overland crossing

So if you plan to land from Thailand to Cambodia, here is my fast and easy instruction so you can do it. The good thing is that there is no congestion in the mornings and you can get to the railway stations faster. You drive to Hua Lamphong railway to buy your rail tickets.

There' s a 5:55 express. By arriving early enough, you can prevent the long line. You may have to have a cup of tea sometime to cope with the problem. Then tell them you already have your visas (even if it is not true), as they will give you the visas meter where you will be torn down.

Complete your descent map (which should be included in your passport) and say goodbye to Thailand! There is a small "office" on the right-hand side, where you can obtain your visas on your return. When you have it already, drive on; 300 meters further you will find the entrance-limit. I had a photo (I didn't have one, see below to find out more if you don't have a photo); The costs of your visa:

Case A: You fill out a brief questionnaire. When you have your painting, they will ask for a payoff (which should be about 100-200 Baht). Place your $30 in your card with the card and go to the ticket office. They' re gonna ask you for the payoff. Bribery can be avoided if you are tolerant.

When you begin a sequence, you may also prevent bribery. Case B: You fill out a brief questionnaire, but you don't have the image (that should only be $2 more). Place your $32 in your card with the card and go to the ticket office. After 300 meters you will find the entrance point where you have to fill in another brief questionnaire (the same information as the preceding one will be requested) and you will receive your cancel.

Continue; you will find the sign: free shuttles to the coach terminal. There are several possibilities when you reach the coach terminal.

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