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Booking your flight from Bangkok (BKK) to Kawthaung (KAW) with our best price guarantee. Bangkok to Kawthaung, Myanmar flights. Transfers from Bangkok/Thailand to Kawthaung (Victoria Point). First you have to come to Ranong, the border town on the Pakchan River. Bangkok Airways, Apex Airline, Thai Smile.

Kawthaung flights to Bangkok

Here are some frequently asked queries about this leg: How can I get the best value for money Bangkok - Kawthaung ticket? Airline companies are adjusting ticket fares from Bangkok to Kawthaung to the date and hour you make your reservation. Following analysis of all airline companies' figures, we found that the best times to make bookings are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

What is the frequency of non-stop services from Bangkok to Kawthaung? There' s a one-way service from Bangkok to Kawthaung. Which is the most favoured carrier for non-stop services from Bangkok to Kawthaung? offers 1000 of the non-stop services between Bangkok and Kawthaung. Greater versatility is the key advantage when purchasing a one-way from Bangkok to Kawthaung.

Each year Kawthaung draws tens of thousand of visitors, both commercially and privately.

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Bangkok can be too much for the unsuspecting with its intensive moisture, haunted night clubs and the continuous buzz of tuk-tuks. Once you've found the sweetness to take it all, in the midst of glittering sky scrapers and glittering shopping centres you will find a town deeply entrenched in old buddhistic convictions and traditions: observe saffron-clad friars on their early mornings charity laps, Frankincense shrouded in a cloud that rises above the Grand Palace gold towers, and long tailed sailboats sliding down the Chao Phraya River at dawn for Bangkok's feeling of peace and tranquility.

Burma Visas

Hi everyone, it's been a long while since I've been living in Myanmar and Thailand, and I'm a little out of line when it comes to visa and travell. I come from Australia and I am traveling to Thailand and Myanmar and back to Thailand (between November 2015 and February 2016). I' m coming to Bangkok from Australia at the end of November and would like to stay in Ranong for a whole months.

While I know that the Thai touristic visas will not be a big deal on your check-in, here is the remainder of my plan: my itinerary: - Now what is the best way to get a Myanmar Tourism Visas - on-line, in Bangkok or simply at the Kawthaung offices? - will it be a challenge to get from Tachileik (or another Shan state boundary) from Myanmar to Chiang Rai?

Are the overdraft charges going to be a issue (it was never a issue for me leaving Yangon airport)? - I don't suppose it's possible to get some kind of overdraft authorization with Myanmar's tourismvisas.

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