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between Kunming and Bangkok via Myanmar. You are welcome aboard your flight to Bangkok: Myanmar Cycling, Burma Biking Tour, bike tour from Bangkok to Yangon. Search and compare flights from Burma to BKK (Bangkok). Receive the best offer for your flight to BKK.

Myanmar On The Brink: Bangkok to Burma Travel

We departed from Delhi to Bangkok at 5:00 a.m., so we agreed to stay at the Aiport. There is no point to book a room in a room just to get up at 2:00 in the mornings in order to be at the airfield in good season for an intern. alight. To land in Bangkok is always like going home.

It is the turntable to which we keep returning, and this would have been the sixth visit to the big cities of Asia. While we were immediately plotting to go southwards to the island to find the much needed rest on the shore, after reviewing the meteorological forecasts and speaking with other travelers, we found that an untimely wind had hit the southern shore for a few months and would last for a few more weathers.

Immediately we began with the design for Myanmar (Burma). Astonishingly, there is much to consider when you plan a journey to the mystical, unspoilt Southeast Asia of Myanmar. Foreign nationals are only permitted in certain areas of the state, many areas need costly, time-consuming permissions and/or leaders to do so.

Due to a shortage of travel times, we decide to go on a traditional Myanmar vacation and explore the normal areas approved by foreigners as we try to find our own way off the worldmap. ATMs in Myanmar do not allow the use of international bank accounts, major international bank accounts, or traveler's checks.

Therefore, we had to convert our Thai baht into US dollars; but not just any US dollar notes, these notes had to be newer than the 2006 banknotes set, they had to be in a like new state, totally unfolded, unlabelled and free of any damages, otherwise the Myanmar bank would not be accepting them for conversion into Kyat (local currency).

I' ve searched tens of coin exchange offices and banking institutions around Khao San Road for the requested call for tenders, none of which met the stringent requirements. After 2 day searches we found a small agency that kept such invoices especially for travelers travelling to Myanmar (click here for information on how to obtain US$ for Myanmar in Bangkok).

First we withdrew Thai Baht to convert it into US dollars, which we had to do in small steps because our bench had limit, then our bench frozen our deposits, which caused even more headache. However, after almost 3 day of these financial worries we had all the US funds we would need, had our visa and we reserved our flight to and from Yangon (foreigners cannot arrive in Myanmar by land).

It is a contemporary, neat Asiatic town with the comfort of home, without the West brands and advertising found in the wider area.

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