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Coming to Bagan from Suvarnabhumi airport with a shared ticket. Book online Compare & flights from Bangkok to Bagan. The view was quick and I couldn't find any flights from Bangkok to Bagan.

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I' m trying to find the best way to get from Bangkok to Began. I have Bangkok Airways flying directly to Mandalay, but then I need a transfer to Began. From Bangkok to Yangon there are many possibilities and I think a link from there to Began could be simpler as it is a much larger airpor.

Although my primary interest is to photograph the Began Temple, it would probably be rewarding to stop there for a days or two to see the city. Can I make an on-line booking to Yangon or Mandalay, but I am less sure about on-line booking to Began.

Is there anyone who can advise an airlines that book reliable tickets on-line? There are also services from Bangkok to Mandalay & Yangon. Bangkok starts from Don Mueang International Airport. It was my opinion that Air Asia is much cheaper than Bangkok Airlines. From BKK to Yangon in the early hours of Myanmar Intl and then had a 5-hour stay, which was enough to see the big Stupa and Piago in Rangon (1 hours ride down by cab and 1 hours back) for 16,000 kt and waited an hours with enough to go to the grocery centre across the road for dinner and for my plane back from Rangon to Bagan.

From Mandalay you can return to BKK or travel the other way to three towns in one of them.

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We' re the first travelers to Myanmar, 2 nurses, 50+ years old. Myanmar in November 2016: Bangkok flights - Mandalay - 4 Mandalay flights - overland Mandalay to Bagan - 5 Bagan flights - from Bagan back to Bangkok on a Sunday. I like to move slowly.

There is no need to worry about the connection in Bangkok as we will be staying there before and after our Myanmar-journey. We' re asking for your help and proposals for the last part of our trip: What do you think is the best way to get from Bagan to Bangkok?

1 ) Fly Nyaung-U to Yangon + Fly Yangon to Bangkok. Our agencies have proposed this, with at least 5 hour transfers in Yangon. 2 ) Flights from Nyaung-U to Mandalay + flights Mandalay to Bangkok. We' ve verified all participating carriers on the web and found that the connection is there, with about 4 hour transfers to Mandalay.

However, we have also seen many alerts about cancellations that have unsettled us. 3 ) Journey (private transport) from Bagan to Mandalay + Mandalay to Bangkok. Agencies suggest that the journey from Bagan to Mandalay is too long, mentioning that it will take 6 h. Any of you had any connection flying in Mandalay?

So how long will it take to get from Bagan to Mandalay? Thanks in advanced for your valuable input to help us make the right choice.

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