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Booking your flight from Bangkok (BKK) to Naypyidaw (NYT) with our best price guarantee. Locate airlines flying to Naypyidaw Airport, NYT. From Bangkok - Search for flights - View Bangkok Guide. Obtain the time difference between Naypyidaw Myanmar and Bangkok Thailand during the year, and an hourly checklist of time difference. Like in Bangkok, although it is called "thaw lar gyi" in Myanmar.

From Bangkok - Myanmar Forum

Plan to go from Bangkok to Myanmar and see Yangon, Lake Inle and NayPyiDaw and then back to Bangkok. I' ve been to Myanmar, and I seem like I' m paying for it. Yeah, Myanmar airfares are high. The best way is to go to Mandalay, then by coach or cab to Inle Lake, then by coach to NayPyiDaw and then to Yangon.

About NaypiDaw and not Bagan? Busses and trains will be another less expensive alternative than flying; I' m just stopping by for a short stop at the airport in Nay PyiTaw. I' ve been to Bangkok to Mandalay, they seem to be twice as expensive as the Yangon tickets.

But if I got to Yangon, how would that work? Can you find a shared taxicab from NayPyiTaw to Lake Inle? I' m planning to get to Yangon, then by coach to NayPyiTaw, then by cab to Inle Lake and then by cab from Inle Lake to Yangon.

This is because the And to Lake Inle busses are all night busses that I prefer not to take. Thanks to all of you, why do you go to these places NayPyiTaw & Lake Inle?....and jump Bagan and Mandalay? I have a short amount of free play and Lake Inle and Yangon were suggested to me for the beginning.

I' m going to keep Mandalay and Bagan for another journey. Do not run anywhere not sure they are doing these itineraries, airfares to Mandalay are usually not that much more. lnle Tooyangon is a long way, how about a night coach? Also we fly from Bangkok to Yangon & felt the return from Mandalay to Bangkok as much more expensively, therefore we consider to make a 3/4-week round journey in & from Yangon & with courses & busses to travel.

Doesn't play a role for us, but I'm sure some sage travelers will have lol suggestions Thank you for taking the reading a while. Yeah, it's more now, but when you drive to and from Yangon, you have to consider the costs of the return trip to Yangon and the travel times, most places are quite far from Yangon, so either a plane or a long coach-trip.

Did a cheque on prize and end Jan returns in mid-February is about $40, is $40 a $40 value a 10-hour coach trip or a $100 plane trip to Myanmar? There are many trails, most of them are Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle plus some side drives, like Hsipaw or Hpa-An/Mawlamyine.

Clockwise / antic, does not play a role, although most take the ferry from Mandalay to Bagan. There are some stretches that are ok, such as Yangon to Bagan and Mandalay, but even these are about twice as long as the other.

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