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Bangkok Airways fares compare with other airlines. View Bangkok Airways flights, routes, maps and prices to find the cheapest flights. When you plan your next adventure in Southeast Asia, enjoy a seamless travel experience with our partnership with Bangkok Airways. In Bangkok Airways you get amazing discounts when booking airline tickets. is a Bangkok Airways Co.

regional airline based in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Banggkok Airways is a local carrier flying from the Thai capitol to 23 locations throughout Asia. It includes services to Thailand, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Laos, Burma, India, Singapore and the Maldives. While Bangkok Airways is not formally part of an airlines association, it has codeshare arrangements with a number of Oneworld, Skyteam and Star Allies.

Travellers embarking on an intercontinental journey must report to the check-in desk 90 mins prior to take-off to collect their Boarding Card and have their passports checked. Travellers of all categories are allowed to take checked luggage. Economical travellers can carry a max. 20kg and Blue Ribbon (Business Class) travellers 30kg.

The price for overweight luggage is per kilogram and depends on your place of arrival. A charge of 80* Thai dollars (approx. 31.53) per kilogram is levied on internal air travel. For example, for a trip from Thailand to Cambodia the charge is $7 USD* (about 4.35) per additional kilogram, for a trip from Thailand to the Maldives USD15* (about 9.30) per additional kilogram.

With 47 " seating distance, luxurious seating, there' s more room for maneuver. Free food is provided on all itineraries. In Bangkok Airways we offer a wide range of specialty dishes, among them "raw vegetarian" dishes, "bland" dishes, "western vegan" dishes and of course dishes prepared on the basis of Hindu, Muslim and kosher cults.

Reservations can be made up to 24 hrs before your arrival. Free wines and champagnes are available in Blue Ribbon Classic, while a dedicated dinner is served to Premier Classic travelers.

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The Bangkok Airways (IATA code: PG) was launched in 1968 under the name Sahakol Air before it changed its name in 1986. The Bangkok Airways headquarters is in Bangkok, Thailand, with 35 aircraft operating 12 national and 15 intercontinental services. Skytrax, the carrier, has repeatedly placed Bangkok Airways at the top of the rankings and is currently rated four stars.

Bangkok Airways was awarded Best Regional Airways in the World in 2016 and Best Regional Airways in Asia in 2016 by the latest Skytrax citation. Bangkok Airways started its tagline, Asia's Business Airlines, on its thirty-sixth anniversary in 2004: An exclusive service for exotic gemstones, together with the launch of the new label drive. Bangkok Airways' primary goal was to become a trusted and reliable carrier with the contemporary and fashionable nature of a fashion store.

Bangkok Airways wants to provide not only the best personal services for travellers but also the best personalised services for exclusive and culture travel. You can see this in every Bangkok Airways airplane, which is tailor-made in a contemporary and recognisable way.

Bangkok Airways' flagship merchandising initiative underlines and extends its role as one of the leading privately owned airlines in the Kingdom of Thailand. Bangkok Airways offers a wide range of amenities in all classes of shop facilities, shop aerodromes, appetising in-flight catering, a new aircraft pool and passenger-friendliness.

In Bangkok Airways there are three privately-owned airfields with the qualities of three different provinces: Bangkok Airways' flagship architecture is built on the boutique-airport approach of which it is always proud. Bangkok Airways uses 4C as a key value for communications, coordination, cooperation and contribution. Communications include Bangkok Airways' obligation to improve its relationships with its clients and to give them the best possible comprehension through a seamless sharing of information and suggestions.

Bangkok Airways has always been committed to security, so the company constantly carries out a service cheque for all its fleet of airplanes that decorate the world. In February 2017 Bangkok Airways was awarded the Air Operation Certificate (AOC) by the Directorate General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

It was awarded in recognition of the airline's dedication to the passenger, partner and employee protection. In order to obtain the certification, Bangkok Airways had to complete five levels of inspections and measurements as well as verification and testing by the Thai Civil Aviation Authority.

Bangkok Airways is the first airline in Thailand to be awarded the new certification for aviation service. With FlyerBonus, Bangkok Airways is offering a loyalty programme with specific campaigns where travellers can earn points for certain airline travel and cash in for reward travel and accommodation.

In order to participate in this programme, the only requirement is that travellers must be registered on-line on Bangkok Airways' website. Upon registration, travellers will receive an automatic 10 kg free luggage allowance and a few miles points that can be used. A further Bangkok Airways prerogative is the Blue Ribbon Club.

Registered travellers will benefit from an additional 10 kg free luggage and the use of an additional 10 kg free area. Blue Ribbon is not only distinguished from other shop lunges by its flamboyant designs with suspended crystals and a cosier ambience, but also by its service.

The Blue Ribbon Club customers are spoiled during the journey by roomy and convenient chairs and greater leg room so that they can work with effortlessness or just unwind. There are two major categories of flights to Bangkok Airways: Economy- and Business Class, each with different benefits. Economy Class offers the passenger comfy, reclining chairs, while in Business Class the empty centre chair can be used as a desk or armchair chair.

Adults and children in Economy Class are eligible for a free luggage allowance of 20 kg, small children are eligible for a free luggage allowance of 10 kg. Adults and children in Business Class, on the other side, receive up to 30 kg free luggage, small children up to 10 kg.

The Bangkok Airways also allows travellers to take along extra luggage, including sporting gear or surfboards, provided they fully comply with the rules. It is strongly advised that travellers wishing to take the unlikely objects with them familiarise themselves with the arrangements in order to prevent checking in delays and undue inconvenience. These rules can be found on the Bangkok Airways website.

It is recommended that national travellers register at least 90 mins. before take-off, foreign travellers at least 120 mins. before take-off. Checkin desks for internal departures close 40 mins. before take-off and 50 mins. before take-off for internal departures. In Bangkok Airways there is also an on-line check-in available 24 to 1 hr before take-off.

It is recommended, however, that travellers register at the check-in desk 90 mins prior to take-off to obtain their boarding card and review their flight documentation in accordance with immigration and security requirements.

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