The capital and most populous city of Thailand is Bangkok. Thailand Tours The Thai T-shirt concept of Bangkok, a town where the intimate and the extravagant meet on a dish with pasta sauce. By the time you've tasted pasta on a Bangkok road that mixes with your perspiration in a sea of waste gases, you haven't actually had Thai meals. Also, since migration brings all Thai and foreign dishes to the country it is a truly multifaceted and enjoyable event.

Best of all, Bangkok must be one of the cheapest restaurants in the whole wide variety of food. Linguistic barriers can seem enormous, but they have never stopped anyone from getting along with the Thais. Almost all aspects of the capital's daily lives and, above all, the feeling of enjoyment of the inhabitants (called sà-nùk in Thai) show the city' s basic culture.

Bangkok should contain an item of sà-nùk in everything worthwhile. To order meals, change currency and haggle at the market is usually associated with a feeling of being playful - perhaps a shot of flirting - and a smirk. Given so much of his everyday road living, there are few towns in the worid that reap the rewards of exploring as well as Bangkok.

Or, after dusk, let the BTS (Skytrain) accompany you to Sukhumvit, where the night life scenery shows a city of cosmopolitan dynamism. It is the inconsistencies that give the angelic capital its wealthy, multi-faceted character. Here, air-conditioned Megamall sits side by side with 200-year-old townhouses, gold-spun Temples sharing the room with neon-lit stripes of slime; slow-flowing transport is circumvented by long-tail craft driving along the king of rivers; Buddist friars clad in gowns for the latest smart phones; and roads bordered by grocery cars are overseen by restaurant thrones on high-rise buildings.

As Bangkok moves into the distance, these opposites will never cease to provide the town with its own special and ever-changing kind of Thai-ness. If you make a reservation, you must provide your travel and accommodations information. You must confirm the precise pick-up time and location 24 - 48 hrs before transferring from your hotels to the airport.

When making your reservation, you MUST provide the following airline and accommodation details: Departures Arrival numberDeparture TimeHotel Name (where you would like to be collected )Hotel AddressPlease note: If your arrival is from Don Mueang International Airport, please reserve the personal airport transfers we provide.

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