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English Tagalog. bangan. garner[gárner]. bangan. granary[gránæri].

Bangan translation into English. Online Bangan translation in English and download our free translator now to use it anytime for free. The Urdu English Dictionary offers you the best and most accurate Urdu meanings of Brinjal. It looks like the source language is Indonesian.

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1. Patcha pieces of supple tissue that cover and protect an injury part of the bod. Sticky tapes comprising a smooth absorptive mesh bandaging device supported by an adhesive-coated plastics or tissue bandaging device. This is a type of bandaging that wraps around the top of the patient's neck or amputated residual limb like a band.

Gypsum dressing, gypsum casting, gypsum bandage composed of a fixed cover (often made of Paris plaster) that immobilises fractured bone during healing. Pressurized dressing, tournament support that blocks arterial circulation. Resilient support with stretchy fabric that can exert topical pressures.

Four-tail dressing comprising a fabric stripe divided into two parts at both ends; the middle part is placed under the jaw to limit the movement of the lower jaw, and the cocks are bound over the top of the skull. Gaze, medical paper, whitened linen fabric for associations and federations.

Fixed bandages consist of a tissue that has been treated with a special agent (e.g. Paris plaster) and cures shortly after use. Inclined brace in which consecutive windings run diagonally up or down a link. A roll drum made up of a stripe of varying width tissue wound into a cylindrical roll to make it easier to apply.

Shawl dressing, triangle dressing, lifting strap to assist an injured lower arm; made of a broad section of Triangular material suspended around the throat. Suspended, sagging Bandagea bandages made of flexible tissue that is used to lift a dependent part (such as the ball sack or a sagging chest). Wrap it up, wrap it up, wrap it up, wrap it up.

A brace that consists of a cushion and a girdle; carried to keep an inguinal herniation in place by applying force. v. {Contact} 2. Dressing, wrapping something around the dressing to conceal or surround it. Fix, repair, fix because they are tightly connected; "fix the latch to the door"; "she fixated her eyes on the man" v. ~ (body)3.

Bandaging by masking or bandaging; "The Nurses Banded a Spurred Ankle"; "Bandaging an Incision" ~ Health Care Practices, Medecine The occupation learnt through postgraduate education at a Faculty of Health and dedicated to the prevention or alleviation or cure of disease and injury; "He Study Medecine at Harvard" ~ Applying a Bandaging or Drug.

"Connect the victim's wounds" ~ ligation with a dressing or a ligation; "Connect the artery" n. (quantity)1. Strong number, amount, packing, pluralitya large number. packa full set of similar things. Plate packet, Plate packet (computer science) is a mobile packet of magnet plates used in a plate memory apparatus.

Card game, card game, decka box with 52 play tickets. n. ~ (artifact)3. pack comfortable box or packet (from cigarette or film). bandage, mob, packet, Ringan union of criminals. ; "The cops tried to smash the gang"; "a packet of thieves" ~ associationa formed organizations of individuals or groups of individuals. Joining the Modern Language Association" ~ Nesta band of individuals (criminals or spooks or terrorists) who have gathered in one place; "a den of thieves" ~ young Ganga band whose members are adolescents.

Gangman, rogue, mobstera delinquent, who is a member of the mob. n. (group)5. Bearing, garrison, garrison, garrison, garrison, garrison, group, inner group, packan inner group, packan exclusiv group of humans with a shared goal. packa group of hunters. Wolverine wrap Group of worms that hunt together. n. (artifact)7. Face wrap, wrapping creme that cleans and tightens the hide.

correcting, restoring apparatus for the treatment of injuries or diseases. n. (artifact)8. Packing paper or cover (dry or wet) to enclose the human organism because of its therapeutical effect. correcting, restoring apparatus for the treatment of injuries or diseases. n. (artifact)9. packa bundles (especially one worn on the back). Packing of several items bound together for carriage or storage. v. (Contact)10. Packing in a single containers; "Packing the book in the cartons" ~ Containerizing, packing in a single containers; "The load has been containersized for secure and effective shipping" ~ Pocketing in a sack.

"My legs were wrapped in mud" ~ bundling, bundling, rolling up, rolling up into a bunch; "he has folded up his few possessions" ~ stowing them in tight packaging; "stowing the trolley" v. ~ (movement)11. ~ filling them to full capacities.

"Fill a container"; "Fill the kid with pride" ~ jump, mobile, throng, bile, wrap tight or stuff; "The amount wrapped the auditorium" v. (Contact)12. Bundles, tight, stuff, wadcompress into a wat.

"Place cotton wool in the crate " ~, place in correct or systematical order; "Arrange the book on the shelf in order of chronology" ~ Kompakt, packageable or easy to compress; "This gunpowder compresses easily"; "Such strange objects do not package well" ~ Puddling a damp mix, such as cement or sludge. v. (Contact)13.

Put your tent on your back; "Put your tent on the top of the mountain" ~ take it to the top of the hill, transporting it by your support, either in a truck or in your hand or on your back; "You have to take your equipment "; "Carry your suitcase to the car"; "This platoon transports atomic waste"; "These tubes take sewage to the river" v. ~ (social)14.

to establish a subcommittee or legislature with its own endorsers to affect the result; "to put together a jury" ~ to designate, form, name, propose and commission a commission or position; "to designate a subcommittee" v. [ to bear (tripods)15., to package, to take with it; to be on one's own; "to always take an umbrella with one"; "to always bear money"; "to take a weapon with one's hands when going into the mountains" ~ position, have it as a speciality.

"Some of the most renowned cooks in France " ~ wear or have something abstracted; "I wear their picture in my mind's eye"; "I'll wear the mystery in my grave"; "I wear these thoughts in the back of my mind"; "I wear a whole bunch of live insurance" v. {motion)16. Cash jams, mobs, packs, stacks, prints close together or stuffed.

"Men in thatched boats and waxed moustaches squeezed on the veranda" v. (motion)17. Motor rucksack, packing tour with motor rucksack; "Every summers they put on their packs in the Rockies" ~ Track and field athletes, athletic activity with strenuous exercise and competitions.

Put your tent on the summit of the mountain" ~ wander a long way, whether for fun or for bodily activity; "We were in Colorado hiking"; "hike the Rockies" v. )18. Lug, stomp, stomp firmly down. "Stamp the grinders in the tank to make espresso" ~ compression, packaging, compacting by or as by pushing; "compress the data" v. (contact)19. package with gasket; "pack the faucet" ~ gasket, sealing leak; prevent spill.

"Compactly close the windows" v. 20., package the characteristic of being packageable or easy to densify; "This gunpowder densifies easily"; "Such uneven objects do not package well" ~ wrap, densify, bunch, densify, condense in a cotton wool. "Wadding papers in the box" ~ behave in the qualtity of being; (Kopula, used with an adjective great or a descriptive name); "John is rich"; "That's not a good answer" v. (Contact)21. Download, download the package with a package.

Loading, loading, loading, loading, filling or loading a cargo...; "loading a car"; "loading the lorry with hay" v. (body)22. Packing the whole or part of the whole with wraps, such as covers or sheeting, and attaching compressions thereto, or filling for covering, containing or treating, or absorbing it.

Wrapped inside the wound"; "You'd better wrap your swelling knuckle with ice" ~ Nursing, treating for; "The doc handled my fractured leg"; "The doctors took good care of the bombing victims"; "The female must be immediately taken or she' ll die"; "Treat the antibiotic infection" n. (artifact)1. rope, twinea light rope.

Cretaceous line, snapshot, snapshot, snaplinea Cretaceous line used in construction to form a line on a perpendicular area. Corda line of turned fibres or filaments; "the bunch was bound with a string" ~ packing thread a thick three-ply yarn for sewing or binding packaging. n. ~ (artifact)2.

Streichinstrument, Streichinstrumente, which are playing with a bows; "the Streicher spielen ielten superlativ gut" ~ bass-violin, bull-violin, double-bass, double-bass, double-bass, double-bass, string-bass, basses violettbiggest and bottom member of the whole series. Geigesaiteninstrument, which is the highest member of the geigenfamilie; this instrument has four stringed and a concave form and an unmounted fretboard and is performed with a bow. n. (Artefakt)3.

A narrowly spread line of wires or intestines that makes noises when plucking, beating or warping. Corda line of turned fibres or filaments; "the bunch was bound with a string" ~ snares stretching over the lower end of a snareshake; they make a chattering noise when the bobbin is met.

Musical means an art of auditive communications that includes sounds of instruments or voices in a structure and continuously. n. (Group)4. Strings, Traina A sequential ordered amount of things or occurrences or thoughts in which each subsequent member is connected to the previous member. "an array of islands"; "an array of mourners"; "an array of thoughts"; "an array of thoughts" ~ seriously similar things that are successively put in order or done; "they investigate an array of bench robberies" n. 5. (Communication)5. a genetic succession of symbologies (signs or words or phrases).

filename extention, filedame extention, substring extention that begins with a dot and is followed by one or more letter (s); the optionally second part of a computer name; "most programs offer extentions for the data they create"; "most of the BASIC data uses the suffix . BAS " ~ language character chain, phrase, word order, straight line order of words, as pronounced or not.

substringa Character chain that is part of a longer character chain. Sequential order in which things are arranged in logic order or in a recurring order; "the order of numbers was alphabetical"; "he devised a method for determining the order of bases in DNA" n. (artifact)6. Character chain, drawcord, tie lacing, drawcord comprising a lacing running through a stitching around an opening; "he drew the drawcord and locked the bag" ~ drawcord pouch which is locked at the top with a drawcord.

Handbag rope a drawcord used to fasten the lid of a handbag. Line (or line or tape or thread, etc.) with which something is bound;'he needed a line for the packages' n. (Substance)7. A thick slice of fibre in vegetable, meats or other foods (especially the thick fibres joining the two sides of a husk of beans).

Space character chain, character chain (cosmology) a mesothetical one-dimensional sub-atomic particles with a concentrated power and the dynamical characteristics of a flex cycle. Basic particles (physics) are particles that are less complicated than an atoms; they are considered components of all material. n. (artifact)9. This is a set of items strung on a skein.

Perlen, a set of perls, which are joined together on a rope. Clustering, collecting, accumulating, assembling - several things grouped or viewed as a whole. n. (artifact)10. n. a ( "string") thread, rope, stringa neclace made by a series of strung together items; "a series of beads"; "a rope of beads" ~ jewellery for necklaces composed of a rope or thread woven around the necks as jewellery (especially by women) (often with precious stones). v.

11. draw, string, threaded, put on or like on a cord; "string on a cord "; "the kid drawn glasspearls on a cord "; "threads dry cranberries" ~ lead, run, run, pull, over, over, or through her figure; "he ran with his eye over her body"; "she ran with her finger along the figure carved"; "he pulled her finger along the hair" ~ cord of peaches, which like on a cord, like on a finger, like on a cord; "beads on a cord"; "the kid drawn glasspearls on a cord"; "threads dry cranberries" ~ lead, run, run, pull, over, over, or through her figure; "he ran with his eye over her body"; "she ran with her finger along the figure carved"; "he pulled her finger through her fingers" ~ cord of peaches, which like on a cord was like on a cord; "string on a cord "; "beads on a cord"; "the cord".

"Put these together "; "Line up these tunes and you will have a musical" ~ a supplement (to); join or join or merge with others; enhance the perceived level of detail, amount, size or volume; "We have brought two disciples into this dorm"; "She has added a touch of personality to her letter"; "Add offense to injuries"; "Add some additional dishes to the dining table" V. ~ (Movement)13.

or come alongmove oder come along. Move on, move on, move on, move on, move on, move on, move on, move on, also in a Metaphoric Meaning; "Time moves on" v. (Contact)14. Pull ing or arranging a cord like a cord. Arranging the book on the shelf in order chronologically" v. (Contact)15. tying the cord together or attaching it with a cord; "tying the package" ~ fastening it tightly, fixing it in place, securing it securely; "attaching the latch to the door"; "looking at the man" v. (Contact)16.

removing the filamentous parts of; "removing beans" ~ removing something specific, taking them away, pulling them back, removing them, such as raising, sliding or removing them, or removing something abstracted; "removing a threat"; "removing a package"; "removing the filthy tableware from the table"; "taking the pistol out of the bag"; "this washing and drying machines removes warmth from the environment" v.

17. Stringing; "String my guitar" ~ changing, changing, modifying - changing; making different; effecting a transform ing; "The rise of the car has transformed the growing patterns of the city"; "The debate has transformed my way of thought about the subject" n. (Artefact)1. Tieneckwear made of a long slim fabric carried (mostly by men) under a sleeve and knotted at the front with a lump; "he was standing in front of the table in front of the table and tightened his tie"; "he was wearing a jacket and tie" ~ bowl, bowl draw, bowl, bowl draw, bowl draw, which was attached around the throat with a decorative fastener and carried as a bowl tie.

Laces is a very slim necklace that is usually bound in a loop. Parity, similarity, similarity, similarity, para-state substantially the same or substantially the same; evenly poised; "at eye level with the best" ~ deucea draw in court sports or ping-pong which require two consecutive points to score the match. n. [ Artifact]4. ties, bars of ties, bars of horizontally bars used to avoid two other building elements from expanding or splitting; "He has the chevrons together with a bars of ties" ; "He has the chevrons together with a bars of ties".

5. linkage, lockup, tie, necktie, ties, tie-holder used for joining or joining; "the sides are joined together by metallic members inserted into the damp grout during construction" ~ revolving objective, bridging the joint between two lens elements; resting on the lug. Musical means an art of auditive communications that is textured and continuously includes sounds of instruments or voices. n. )8.

Train tracks, railroads, railway lines offering a wheel landing and takeoff strip; "he went along the train line" n. {artifact}9. Line (or line or tape or thread etc.) with which something is bound; "he needed a line for the packages" ~ line of twisted fibres or strings; "the bunch was bound with a line" ~ line, twine, line, line, line, which consists of a line passing through a stitching around an opening; "he drew the line and shut the pocket" v. (contact)10.

tying, deep fixing or securing with a wire, line or line; "they bound their sacrifice to the chair" ~ toggle, buckle a toggle around someone's lips to shut him up; "the robbers toggled the homeowner and bound him again or again to a chair" ~ retietie; "tie the line and make it stronger enough now" ~ tying, tying the last series.

"String or string the clock through his belt." together with a string or a cable ; "Lash together these barrel! line, cable fastening with a cable ; " The pocket safely cable " ~ Straptie with a harness.

tying or knotting ; "tying shoelaces" ~ lashing with a string, a necklace or a string ; "whipping the horse" ~ tying or knotting like a ribbon. Attach, brace, secure because it is securely fastened; "attach the padlock to the door"; "fix her look at the man"; "tie, lacing through eyelets or holes"; "tie the shoelaces" v. (Competition)11. Pull, deepen a play with an even number of points, targets, etc....

join, mate, mate, mate, mate, join, fix, or join two or more parts together; "Can you join the two speakers? "tether the cables "; "connect the arms" ~ tether them together, tether them together or come together ; "the two streets here connect" ~ tether them to an earth ; "ground the electric cables for security reasons" ~ tether them together, tether them together or tether them together ; "tether these two parts so that they match " ~ secure them.

Solemn, solemn (the marriage ceremony) with real celebrations. v. (Creation)17. tiemake by binding together bits. ; "The Fisherman bound their flies" ~ Mode, spilled out component parts (often improvised). ; "She designed a tent out of a sheets and a few sticks" v. (Contact)18. tieunite music notes through a necktie.

Join, mate, join, mate, join, fasten or join two or more parts; "Can you join the two speakers?

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