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??? (from Greek: ????????, Panormos) is a town in the northwest of Turkey with 143,000 residents (estimated 2012) at the Sea of Marmara.... In addition, Band?rma is a precinct of Bal?kesir.... It is a trading center and its port acts as a gateway for commerce between Istanbul and ?zmir. This town has roads and railway links to other towns and cities.

The center of the county,, is 90 km, Istanbul 100 km NE (by boat), Bursa 100 km E, ?zmir 270 km SW and Çanakkale 170 km W. It also has a marina and a base for troops. Formerly known as Panderma, the old railway station opened in 1912 and the Izmir Railway expanded.

It was an energetic harbour that housed steamboats from all over the globe, among them English and Greeks. It was the city's intention to construct bigger berths for large steamboats. In 1918 the last round of the First Word War was launched in the town. TCDD's Band?rma is one of its most important sea ports, so the town sees a lot of goods transport.

There are also two busses running from Band?rma to ?zmir every day. This are the "6 Eylül Ekspresi" and the "17 Eylül Ekspresi". There will be a new rail link between Band?rma and Bursa.[4]?DO will also link Band?rma and ?stanbul by ferry.[5] There is also a ferry from Tekirdag to Bandirma. We have a publicly accessible college in Band?rma:

Onyedi Eylül University. The Band?rma is a partnership with:

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The SS Band?rma was an Ottoman general carrier known for its historic roll when it brought Mustafa Kemal Pasha (Atatürk) from Constantinople (now Istanbul) to Samsun in May 1919, which meant the foundation of the Ottoman nationhood.... Constructed in 1878 in Paisley, Scotland, the Band?rma steamship was a 47. 7-metre freighter with a 192 tonne deadweight carrying capability.

Ottoman Maritime Co. bought the vessel in 1894 and re-named it SS Panderma. October 28, 1910, the legal form of the firm was modified and its name was altered to Ottoman Transport Authority. Its name was also altered to SS Band?rma, Turkic for Panderma, and then used as a post office vessel in the Ottoman Empire's territorial water.

In World War I, SS Band?rma clashed with the HMS E11 UK U-boat and escaped a tornado from the same ship. The Band?rma was decommissioned in 1924. When Mustafa Kemal Pasha, who had been nominated just before the Inspectorate of the Ninth Army of the Ottoman Empire in East Anatolia, on 16 May 1919 took SS Band?rma from Constantinople to Samsun, it went down in the annals of the Republic of Turkey.

It was sent to Anatolia by order of the Sabbath to supervise the Ottoman army dissolution order issued by the Entente forces that occupy the city and control the Ottoman government. The Mustafa Kemal Pasha, escorted by 22 military personnel, 25 military personnel and 8 administration employees, was sailing in bad conditions on the old steamship with a malfunctioning navigational aid required for navigation in the undulating Black Sea and landed in Samsun on 19 May 1919.

Mustafa Kemal Pasha founded the Ottoman People' s Liberation Army on ?stanbul after the landings, despite instructions from the Ottoman authorities. Almost four years later, this led to the Republic of Turkey's proclamation after the war of independence. Given his important historic part in the founding of the Republic of Turkey, the Provincial President and Major of Samsun Province have begun the reconstruction of Band?rma in its initial dimension and prospects.

New Band?rma was opened on 19 May 2003 by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an as a museumship at Do?u Park (East Park) in Samsun. Today, waxworks by Mustafa Kemal Pasha and his pendants on the boat can be seen as well as historic objects in the exhibition vessel.

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