Banaue Rice Terraces

The Banau Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces are terraces carved in the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by the indigenous ancestors. mw-headline" id="Cultural_significance">Kulturelle Bedeutung[edit]>> Bulol, an Ifugao rice deity. Terraces are located in the provinces of Ifugao and the Ifugao peoples were their administrators. There is a lot of rice in Ifugao culture[9], and the crop creates a variety of ceremonies associated with farming rituals from rice growing to rice use. Participation in the Bavarian (rice beer), rice cake and betelnut is an indestructible tradition during the celebration.

Ifugao practise a tradition of agriculture that spends most of its work on its terraces and wooded areas, while sometimes taking care of the growing of roots. Rice terraces include the construction of supporting stone and clay barriers intended to extract irrigated waters from a major channel above the terraces-cluster.

Tribal rice terraces technology has been associated with the rice terraces of Ifugao, such as their expertise in sprinkling waters, masonry, earthworks and patio upkeep. The rice terraces have preserved and influenced the parishioners' daily routine as a spring of quality of life and arts. Ifugao, as a commune, used to be part of the mountain region, but on 18 June 1966 Ifugao became an autonomous provincial government under Law No. 4695.

The Ifugao rice terraces were declared free of GMOs in March 2009[10]. There are five rice terraces in the Philippines, Batad, Bangaan, Hungduan, Mayoyao Central and Nagacadan. 12 ] Batad and Bangaan fall under the competence of the municipality of Banaue, but are not known as Banaue Rice Terraces.

Panorama of the Banaue rice terraces. The rice terraces are photographed by a visitor. A further flourishing economic activity in the Banaue Rice Terraces is touring. 14 ] The travel sector has evolved a range of visitor related events, including the visit to the terraces and the visit to the trunks at the base of the terraces.

Mumbaki[ 15] (traditional Ifugao witch doctor) is also recommended[16], these physicians can carry outitual healings. The Batad Environmental Tour Guides' association (BETGA) in cooperation with the Batad Baranguay government is currently making a definite trail from the Batad saddle to the actual town. Apart from the Banaue Rice Terraces there are 4 other similar terraces,[19][20] soil here in this hilly region are what they have used for making pots or pots (also for building by firing or boiling the clay), the Batad Rice Terraces, Mayoyao Rice Terraces in Mayoyao, Hapao Rice Terraces and Kiangan Rice Terraces.

Batad Rice Terraces are situated in Barangay Batad in Banaue, these terraces resemble an Amphitheater. Mayoyao rice terraces are a unique species of rice named "tinawon",[21] which is cultivated on these terraces in either orange or yellow grades. Hapao rice terraces are in Hungduan, these terraces are surrounded by Sagada rocks and date from 650 AD[22] Kiangan rice terraces are also in Banaue, where they cultivate the rice types Neagacadan and Junungan.

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