Balloon Festival Myanmar

Myanmar Balloon Festival

Tazaungdaing Festival on the full moon day of Tazaungmon, the eighth month of the Burmese calendar, is celebrated as a national holiday in Burma (Myanmar) and marks the end of the rainy season. Myanmar: 11 of the best activities in the country There' s no better way to see Myanmar than now. When it opens up to tourists (and everything else), it becomes more and more congested and touristic. Travelers we have seen in Myanmar in the past are already speaking about the huge changes they are experiencing. So, if you want to avoid the masses of tourists, I suggest you involve Myanmar as one of the places you will soon need to be!

It is our second journey to Myanmar and I have to say that it is still a scenic land with some of the hottest peoples in Southeast Asia. These are 11 of the best things we have tried or listened to that would make your journey unforgettable. At the end of the article you will also find some useful information about Myanmar!

In Myanmar, if there is one tourist thing you can buy, take a balloon in Bagan. There is nothing more real than hovering over thousand of Bagan sanctuaries at dawn. While you can cycle around the area (which we recommend), this is probably the only way to appreciate the pure size and splendour of the area.

See here how I walked balloons over Bagan for further information and images. Half excursion from Bagan, Mount Popa is an extinguished vulcano with the holy convent Popa Taungkalat on the summit. While the 777 stairs of the convent may seem rather disheartening, the 260 degrees view from above is quite breathtaking.

The best setting we have seen in this land. Sightseeing around the pond may be the most touristic in Myanmar, but the sun has more than made up for it. Rent a sailboat and enjoy the days to explore the various villages/markets, meander through smaller channels and visit the temple, tourist garages (weaving, cigars...) and swimming pools.

When you are worried that you will get tired of seeing touristic things, begin the trip after noon! See my guidebook to the best adventures (touristic and non touristic) in Inle Lake. Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival is held once a year in the weeks before the new lunar month in November. There is a massive mass with tonnes of meals, attractions and shows in an area outside the city of Taunggyi near Lake Inle.

However, the most important one is the fire balloon contest in the heart of the exhibition. Various groups are competing with different size and design of balloon. This is what we saw on our last journey, and what an adventure it was! The following film shows one of the ballons that gets a little bit mad, although most of them are usually okay.

First begins in Kalaw and ends in Inle, while the second takes place around Hsipaw. While the hikes were fairly easy, the host family was the high point. Arriving from a concret jungles like Singapore, it was really cool to be in the country where it seems to be more peace.

With a length of 689 meters and a height of about 250 meters, it can become quite nerve-racking if the pull is slowed down to a creep when crossing the platform. The Golden Rock or Kyaiktiyo is a place of worship on the top of Kyaiktiyo in the Mon state. According to tradition, the small spaghetti, which is placed on the top of a gilded floor, is designed to withstand the force of gravitation because it contains a wisp of Buddha in it.

It' s a good idea to spend a nice and quiet sleep here only at sundown, as the last lorry drives into the city at 6 pm. Myanmar has the holiest Buddhist pit in the world, the Shwedagon pit. It is best to come in the evenings, when you can see the passage from dail.

The Buddhist festival, which takes place around mid-April, is held in Myanmar for a 4-5 day pre-New Year time. The kitchen is strongly influenced by China and India, and a stroll through the alleys of the Sule Pagoda will open your mind to how similar and different they are.

  • Best visiting time: In fact, Myanmar is one of the most secure countries in South-East Asia that I have ever been. The Scoot flight from Singapore to Yangon takes about 3.5 hours, 5 flights per weeks, with flat rates of less than S$200! Also, the flight from Singapore is quite good, so you can get to Yangon at 08:45.

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