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They are Balinese and Siamese cats. Ortiental Longhair and Cattery Anyanee / Balinese cats. Photo courtesy of Dr. M. Kessler, Switzerland: www. The Balinese natives hear the sound of a gramophone. Les Balinais entendent le son d'un gramophone.

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You' re free to use the licences for many different uses without having to worry, because this picture is faith free. Bali, Indonesia, travel, people, Balinese. Archive in categorie "Travel/Leisure", The maximal size is 3736×5603 Pixel, you can dowload it in JPEG-format. Selectively select our AI system and suggest some photographs of the same catagory.

Sadris are returning to Bali: English voice-overs - Elisabeth Waldmeier

This multi-cultural children's novel is celebrating an important celebration in Bali with nice pictures in the typical local tradition. Galungan in Bali marked the triumph of the Adharma. Elisabeth Waldmeier, the famous artist and illustrated artist from Switzerland, tells the thrilling celebration of the cheerful inhabitants of Bali through the eye of a former dancing boy, Sadri, who returns to his former homeland to take part in the annually held festivals in the town.

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