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They are Balinese, Javanese, Siamese of the Blue Moon Cattery. The Balinese is the ideal solution for all those who want to deal with the classic colour scheme. Un mauvais traitement de la part des Balinais a conduit à un soulèvement, auquel les Balinais se sont fortement opposés. You will find the perfect Balinese stick photo. Ce bijou noir vient de France et combine un excellent siamois, oriental et balinais dans son pedigree.

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They can also be reminded by taking our photographs for a coffee. For the highest 4014×2676 pixel image size, please use the JPEG-file. Saved in the Travel/Leisure section and our photo is highlighted: Bali, Indonesia, travel, people, Balinese. We would like to suggest a few pictures to you:

Sadris are returning to Bali: English voice-overs - Elisabeth Waldmeier

This multi-cultural children's novel is celebrating an important celebration in Bali with nice pictures in the typical local tradition. Galungan in Bali marked the triumph of the Adharma. Elisabeth Waldmeier, the famous artist and illustrated artist from Switzerland, tells the thrilling celebration of the cheerful inhabitants of Bali through the eye of a former dancing boy, Sadri, who returns to his former homeland to take part in the annually held festivals in the town.

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Picture gallery Aryati

They are not usually responsible for profits and loss, as would be customary in Germany, but there is also the Indonesian culturality. In spite of these barriers, we can say that after two loans Aryati is doing better than a few month ago.

As she wants to acquire new clients, she is granted a third credit. It paid back its first microcredit in good timing and was granted a second one. These are Banten, handicrafts used by the Balinese Hindus almost daily. These small sacrifices are laboriously made by hands and make a living for the Aryati.

Some important Hindu vacations are imminent and Aryati has the opportunity to sell more Banten than before. To be able to produce these, it was granted a microcredit of 71?.

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