Baishui Terrace

The Baishui Terrace

The travertine terraces in Yunnan Province are the result of karst processes. The Baishui Terrace or White Water Terrace - one of the most important scenic sights in Shangri-La (Zhongdian) County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The White Water Terrace (Bai Shui Tai) is located in the foothills of the Haba Snow Mountains. The Baishui Terrace is located in the Zhong village of Countys Baidi. A whitewater terrace in Naxi means a growing flower.

Maishuitai Terrace - inspection of white water terraces (Baishuitai), Shangri-La County, China

Yunnan Provincial travertinterraces are the fruit of karstic warfare. It was a brief climb up to the terrace (15-20 minutes), but always uphill. From the terrace you have a wonderful view of the valley and the area. From Haba a mate and I walked here, Baishuitai, which took about 6 hrs (30km - at 19 miles).

When we came to Baishuitai, the day went down and we were hungry (and very tired). There was not much rain on the terrace. There is a patio with a deposit of limestone and a whitish color. It is crystallised in the well.

They are about 140 metres long and 160 metres broad. It' one of the largest patios in China and the rest of the overworld. Then there was a bloke on the terrace who was very kind, he was selling us some incenses for some cash and we set them on fire, he was encouraging us to put our foreheads on the terrace.

Have you been on the whitewater terraces (Baishuitai)?

Shangri La Baishui Terraces, White Water Terraces

On the countryside of Baidi, village of Sanba, Shangri-la County, Dêqên Autonomous Prefecture, Yunan Provincial Council, entrance fee: 30 yuan, opening hours: all year. Arrival:- Every acre there is a coach from Shangri-la to Sanba County; the journey to Baishui Terrace is about four hour - Lijiang Guluwan Coach Terminal (?????) and Lijiang Passtation:

Situated at the base of Haba Snow Mountain, 103 kilometers from Shangri-la and 2,380 meters above the surface, Baishui Terrace is a wonderful geographical attraction because it was created as carbonated limestone in this area. By the time vernal heat with hydrogen carbonated carbonates ran out, carbonates began to precipitate and for many years a terraced plateau, the so-called Heavenfield.

It' similar to the lunar dispersed throughout the universe and silvery jewellery applied to Naxi girl.

Not only does Baishui Terrace enjoy a scenic countryside, it is also the birthplace of the Dongba of the Naxi people. The Baishui Terrace, which falls into a moderate area, often drizzles, the mean seasonal temperatures are 11.4°. The Baishui Terrace was initially used for the consecration of the deity. According to tradition, after having studied the Buddhist scripture from Tibet, the Dongba Dingbashiluo was attracted by the enchanting Baishui Terrace countryside and chose to worship.

The Shangri-la County is home to the Tibetans, but in Dagu, near Lijiang, the Naxi are the predominant, the Dongba civilization comes from here. The Dongba is the old Naxi religious group and means sentra in the mountains and in the town. Dingbashiluo, together with his students, is said to have written Dongba Scripture in pictogram, which leaves a trace of Dongba, and he was described as the precursor of Dongba.

Dongba is now a treasure trove of the old Naxi people. Baidi, where Dingbashiluo spent most of his lifetime, is considered the sacred area. Each year, on the 8th Sunday of February, Dongba locals and followers will come to the service fromfar.

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