Bago Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar

We' ve got reviews of the best places in Bago. Yangon Bago Day Tour. By train from Yangon to Bago. Buses run daily from Yangon. It can be visited on a day trip from Yangon.

Yangon and the ancient kingdom of Bago

With an old castle, a glowing pit on higher than the famous Shwedagon of Yangon, and a pile of gold relicts, the old Hanthawaddy Kingdom of Bago is an ordinary visitor from near Yangon. In order to see the town' s major sights, a 10,000 Kyaeat archeological zonal passport and an additional 3,000 Kyate camerapass must be acquired.

The passports are available at Shwemawdaw Pagoda or Kanbawzathadi Mansion and provide entry to four of the city's major tourist sites. Starting in the north-eastern edge of Bago, the Hinthagone Pagoda provides a panorama of the town and simple entrance to the town' s castle. The once impressive Kanbawzathadi building has been confronted with fire raids and severe plundering since its initial building in the middle of the 19th century.

A visit to the castle is easily discouraged, but the inner and outer parts of the castle are notable. In the vicinity the Shwemawdaw is undoubtedly the landmark of the town. Bigger than Yangon's own shwedagon, the 114 meter high Stupa can be seen across the town. Walking around the pit can take an hours or more, as the area is decorated with several hundred small local schools and houses and offers a wide range of culture and religion.

The 53 foot long Buddha Mya Tha Lyaung is a gigantic work of art, lying in a gold mantle on the west outskirts of the town. Mya Tha Lyaung is left uncovered by the element, while a lying Buddha is lying in close proximity. A last stop in Kyaik Pun - the literal translation of "Four Buddha" - between the lying Buddhas and the train stations of Bago is the ideal conclusion of a strenuous outing.

There is a sculpture of the famous gold Hintha bird on top of each other in the vicinity. Visiting Bago can be organized as a daily excursion, a week-end excursion or a stop-over on the way to the citys north.

If you arrive six in the mornings and six in the evenings, you can buy a ticket for the Yangon-Bago ticket on the date of board. When arriving in Bago, ask about the way back to Yangon before you leave the railwayhof. On the way to Myanmar? Take our free Insider's Guide and explore the best of Myanmar with our free advice!

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