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Daily buses from Mandalay, Hpa An, Mawlamyine and Nay Pyi Taw to Bago are also available. Bago to Yangon and Mandalay. It takes a more direct route than the road, following the course of the Bago River that flows from Bago to Yangon. Come and visit the former capital of Yangon with its peaceful atmosphere, colonial boulevards and quiet lakes. How many miles and kilometers from Yangon to Bago, how far is it from Yangon to Bago travel distance.

Daily excursion to Bago - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

Hello, I would like to know if a full excursion to Bago is really worthwhile under these conditions. My last flight in Myanmar is from Bagan to Yangoon in the mornings. It' taking me about three and a half hour to get there by road. I' ve been reading about the advantages and disadvantages of Bago, but I want the sincere opinions of those who have been there and seen the city firsthand.

When the places of interest are excellent and differ from what I will see in 8 short or long journeys, I am more than ready to make the strenuous, long journey. I' m sure I have a few things to do in Yangoon for half a night and half a night. It' not a good way to go to Bago at the end of your journey.

Compared to Bagan, Mandalay, this town could not be visited in Myamar during the last few outings. You' re not going to see much in Bago that you can't see in Yangon, if you had a few day's time to shoot in Yangon, it would be perfect, but since you didn't do it, you' re going to remain in Yangon.

A round tour by road lasts about 3 hours. In one of your earlier contributions, I don't recall whether you said that you would spend a little bit of your stay in Yangon when you arrive? Lf yes & you still want some attractions in, you can always just rent a ride for the whole family to Hlawga National Park & Taukkyan War Cemetery, both are in the immediate vicinity of each other & both on Bago Road about 40 km outside of Yangon.

Back in Yangon in the evening you can go to the final Mogul Indian Bahadur Shah Zafa. It' s not very complicated in comparison to some other places of interest in the land, but it's an astonishing bit of story that almost everyone misses when they come here.

Right next to the tomb there is a very nice mirror pyramid, both are very near to each other. Only Google Maps Bahadur Shah Zafar Grave, Zi Wa Ka St, Yangon, Yangon Division, Myanmar' for itinerary. You will find the reflected picture about 2 minutes southward at Shwedagon Pagode Rd.

I' ve been on a full-time outing to Bago this February. But I have to say that I endorse the two Yangon billboards. Yes, BonZaiReserVoir, we will be in Yangoon at the beginning of our journey. On the first afternoons and the next half days we will be able to see the Sule and the Shwedagon Pagodas:

We can replace Bago with some of these beautiful proposals on our last days.

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