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The Bago Region is an administrative region of Myanmar located in the southern central part of the country. Forums for the Bago region. Talk about Bago Region Travel with TripAdvisor travelers. Great savings on hotels in the Bago region, mm. Discover Ayeyarwady & Bago regions holiday and discover the best time and places to visit.

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  • Burmesepai: ku: tuing: disa. kri: Bago Region (Burmese: ????-?????????????, pronounced[b??ó dè?a? ?? d?í]; formerly Pegu Division and Bago Division) is an administrative region of Myanmar situated in the southeastern part of the state. Bordering the Magway Region and Mandalay Region to the N, Kayin State, Mon State and the Gulf of Martaban to the Easter, the Yangon Region to the S, and the Ayeyarwady Region and Rakhine State to the Shwest.

In 573 AD, according to tradition, two Mon lords from Thaton established the town of Bago. In the belief that this was a favorable sign, the lords constructed a town named Hanthawady (Pali: Hamsavati) on the shore of the lakes. It was first mentioned in the story by the Arabian geographical artist Ibn Khudadhbin around 850 AD.

In 1539 the area came back under Burmese rule when it was invaded by King Tabinshwehti of the Kingdom of Taungoo. From 1539-1599, the Taungoo emperors made Bago their kingly capitol and used it as a basis for their frequent Siamese incursions. An important sea port, the town was often frequented by Europeans who spoke about its splendour.

Burma's capitol was moved to Ava in 1634. The Mon rebelled in 1740 and briefly gained their sovereignty, but Burma's King Alaungpaya plundered and totally ruined the town ("together with Mon independence") in 1757. Burma's King Bodawpaya (1782-1819) reconstructed Bago, but by then the stream had changed course and cut off the town.

In 1852, after the Second Anglo-Burmese War, the British invaded Bago. The Bago region covers an area of 39,400 km2, split into the four Distrikts Bago, Pyay, Tharrawaddy and Taungoo. Bago, the division's main city, is Burma's 4th city. Taungoo and Pyay are other big towns.

The Bago Region label is given to two siblings named bintha (mythical ducks), who can be traced back to historical Mon influence in the area. The Bago region is approached from Pyay airport. Bago has a resident base of 4,863,455, including Bamar, Karen, Mon, Chin, Rakhine, Shan, South Asia, Chinese and Pa-O people.

Myanmar's lingua franca is the lingua franca. Taungoo, at the north end of the Bago region, is bounded by mountains that are home to hardwood. Yangon is the starting point for a daily excursion to the most important sights of the Bago region. Shwegyin Dam is located in the east of the Bago region.

This is a 478 meter long, 41 meter broad and 0.8 meter thick zonal embankment with a total reservoir volume of 2,078,417 megaliters. Each of the three pipelines is 538 meters long, 5 meters broad and 6 meters high.

Running-in infra-structure is 37 meters long, 39 meters broad and 42 meters high. It is 775 meters long, 41 meters broad and 18 meters high. The two compacted pipelines on the causeway have a length of 335 meters each and a length of 8 meters.

It is 90 meters long, 29 meters broad and 21 meters high. It is home to a German nationwide unit, Pyay Technological Unversity and two regional units, Pyay Unversity and TaungooUnversity.

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