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Extensive and up-to-date information about the sights and activities in Bago (Pegu). This is a city and the capital of the Bago Division in Myanmar. Bago is less than two hours drive from Yangon. His former name Pegu is an Anglicism. Myanmar : Bago Myanmar, Bago Township (Pegu Township), Bago District, Bago Region (Bago Division;

Pegu Division), Myanmar : Bago Myanmar:

Information about Bago (Pegu)

Bago is situated 80 kilometers northeast of Yangon and is one of the many old capital cities of Myanmar; it was known as Pegu in that time. Shhwemawdaw Pagoda Festival is held at the end of March or beginning of April and offers a series of theatre performances in this renowned casket. For more information, visit the Myanmar Festival.

A larger choice of Bago photographs can be found in our Flickrotoalbum. In the centre of Bago there are Visa and Mastercard KBZ and CBTMs.

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Bago is less than two hour's car ride from Yangon. His former name Pegu is an Anglicism. One of Myanmar's most important historic towns, it was the second Myanmar empire's capitol. Simply put, the name Bago has no significance in Myanmar today unless it is taken as a pea pick.

It is a great place because it has many historic monuments and you can do it on a full days excursion from Yangon. Historically, the Shwemawdaw Pagoda and the Shwethalyaung Recycling Image have been the main Bago sights. Shhwethalyaung was once the biggest recumbent Buddha picture in the land, the records were now surpassed by three or four more pictures.

The Kalyani Sima (surgery room) and rock engravings are also of great historic interest. Shhwemawdaw is one of the biggest and almost as popular as the Great Shwedagon. Presumably it was constructed 237 years after the Advent of Buddha, i.e. in the fourth centuries B.C. Shwethalyaung was once the biggest lying picture of Buddha in the land, the previous records having now been surpassed by three or four other pictures.

The Kalyani Sima (surgery room) and rock engravings are also of great historic interest. Mahaceti is another large Bago temple, constructed by Bayinnaung, probably the richest Myanmar emperor in time. It is a million dollar issue whether these jewels in the tower are still there. Sadly, the fact is that the lagoon lay in rubble for hundreds of years before it was recently returned to its former glory.

Kambawza Thardi Palazzo is the latest complement to Bago's touristic attraction. Initially it was the Palast of King Bayinnaung, the biggest palast ever constructed in Myanmar in its whole story. Now, in the same place, the great building is being rebuilt exactly according to its plans, which were written down in old folders.

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