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Bago Region Forums - Pyay Forum. The same page on Wikitravel referred to in Zeocrash's response continues: We advise you to leave Bago as soon as possible. Wikitravel, they're listing the restricted areas: A rough and compact overview can be found on the Wikitravel Bagan page! Travelling with Bago You will be picked up by our chauffeur and our English speaker English speaker at 8am from your Yangon Central Yangon Resort and enjoyed a picturesque trip to Bago, 80km northwest of Yangon, an old capitol of a former sixth degree state.

In Bago we will see the wonderful 55 metre long Buddha Shwethalyaung, after which we will go to the Shwemawdaw pit, one of the most revered pagodas in Myanmar. The tower is 114 meters high and even higher than the Shwedagon pit. Further to the Kyaikpun pit, a pit ot in the Bago Division of Burma, in the same town.

The Kyaik Pun Pagoda is home to the Four-Seat Buddha Pagoda, a 27m high sculpture with the four Buddhas Kakusandha, Konagamana, Kassapa and Gautama who sit in four different postures and lean back in four different orientations. This four-seater Buddha was constructed by King Migadippa of Bago in the seventh c. AD (tradition) and restored by King Dhammazedi in the fifteenth c. AD.

Visits the archaeological site and restorations of Kanbawzathadi, the residence of the renowned King Bayint Naung. Karbawzathadi Castle comprises the Hummel Bee Chronicle Hall (believed to have been used as the King's dormitory), the Royal Audience Hall in the centre of the town walls, the Museum of Teak Poles, the Kanbawzathadi Tower's Kanbawzathadi Palace's teak poles and the Hanthawaddy Archaeological Museum with its eight-sided form, some 300 artefacts are on display.

Finish the Bago trip with a stroll across the colorful Bago market. Return to Yangon and head to the cemetery of the Allies near Htaukkyan, the last rest place for over 27,000 Alliance warriors.

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Since my hope of visiting Mrauk U was shattered at the last moment, I resolved to return to Bagan (was there in 2010) and then take the comfortable coach back to Yangon. They said they would let the coach sway around my guest house at 7:00 a.m. I bought my coach pass at the Hwy coach terminal near Shewzigon for 6500 Kie.

It took me a little over 5 hrs to get to Magwe and I was kept busy by Myanmar DVD's that played Madonna & Pat Boone covers. The natives seemed to have fun when I was singing along in English! Once in Magwe (pronounced Mah-GWAY), foreign nationals have to report to the small policestation at the coach terminal, simply give them your pass and it will take a few mins.

I was apprehended by a Trinhaw rider and I asked him to take me to a guest house I had known about, but the place was a garbage heap and they wanted $15 for a room with a bunk and nothing else. They seemed more worried about their lunches, so I went and had the chauffeur take me to the'notorious' Rolex Guest.

It was actually quite cute for a cheap place, and I was negotiating to get a room for 12,000 kyats, a large room with 2 single berths and a coldwater showers. He got on the next day's 6:45 a.m. to Pyay. 4,000k for a six-hour drive is not a poor business.

The" coaches", who called to the natives when we came over to see if they were on the way to Pyay, said it "Pyeh". Tried to find a reasonable guest house in Pyay, so many sleazy places asking $20 or so. Eventually I chose to go to the Smile Motel, where I was offered a $24 room for $22, as I stayed for 3-night.

It is a beautiful place, and I drove around this afternoons to see some of the places of interest in the old part of the country; and to my amazement, the natives say "Pee" to the people! {\a6} (7hrs, 4500 kyat). Please be aware that when you arrive in Yangon it will take you 45 min to one hr to get to the centre from this departures.

In the city I payed 5000 Kyats for a cab (the 3 natives with whom I exchanged 1000 kyats each). Someday I saw two aliens in Pyay, the other nights I saw none at all. I' m definitely going to see Pyay again!

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