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The burst embankment in Myanmar in the Bago area left hundreds of millions without a shelter and ran on the high seas.

BAGO, Myanmar -- A great struggle was underway to get access to hundreds of millions of people imprisoned in their houses after a flood caused by monsun rains flooded a embankment in early Wednesday in downtown Myanmar, officers said. In the Bago area, a flood flood flooded the countryside after the overflow of the Swar Chaung reservoir, which controls the flow of rainwater, broke down due to strong tropical rains.

In the Kayin community, AFP reporter described how some humans were wading through breast depth waters to reach higher altitudes. Lots of others stayed imprisoned in their semi-sunken houses as the saviors worked into the dark to try to drive the inhabitants out. Losses have not yet been announced, but more than 12,600 have found refuge in about 30 temp shelters, the head of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Phyu Lae Lae Tun, said to AFP.

"More than 14,000 homes and about 63,000 humans are affected by the waters," she said. It also broke part of a viaduct on the Yangon-Mandalay Hwy connecting the two largest towns in Myanmar. "We' re gonna get scuba divers to go down and look after themselves after the level goes down," he said. "Flood discharge cannot be monitored until flood flows stop."

Torrential flooding comes just a few short days after strong mud showers struck Myanmar, leading to a series of torrential storm surges that displaced some 150,000 refugees from their houses. In Southeast Asia, the months of the old Amazon are about June to November. Laos's neighbours in the region were severely affected last week when torrential rain brought about the fall of a embankment.

More than 35 persons were murdered, many were missed and thousand were languishing in accommodation. Xe-Namnoy Reservoir, a $1.2 billion project between Korean, Lao and Thailand companies, broke down on 23 July after torrential rain, causing a surge of rain that took whole southern communities with it.

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