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The BAGO Hotel Solutions, Hamburg, Germany. Articles about BAGO Hotel Solutions. After that I became IT and installer for hotel software. I' m BAGO Hotel Solutions. You will be picked up by your driver and professional English speaking guide from your hotel in Yangon City.

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My first very comprehensive experience of the hotel business was imparted to me at the Steigenberger Schule in Bavaria. I immediately began my training as a restauranteur and completed my training as a hotel manageress. I worked my way up to the reception and reservation after my training.

Managers of Reservations and Front Office Managers were two important stages in my personal growth. After so much hospitality expertise, I was given the task of running and running a hotel. I' ve been in the hotel business for 13 years and I' ve decided to change my career:

After that I became IT and installer for hotel sofware.

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