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Boundaries of the Bago Division, the administrative region just north of Yangon, encompass a geography as diverse as that of the country. One of Myanmar's most popular tourist destinations today, Bago has countless temple peaks, stupas and colossal Buddha statues. An abundance of pagodas, oversized Buddha statues and monasteries bear witness to the historical importance of BAGO, which was at the height of its influence. Formerly called Pegu, Bago is the capital of the Bago region of Irrawaddy. We had the best guide for our entire trip to Myanmar!

Get in[edit]

The Bago (formerly Pegu) is the regional capitol of the Bago Division in Myanmar's Irawaddy area. This is a very loud and busy place on the highway between North and South Burma. In the mornings from Yangon you can take a cab (US$40-50), or a coach (from the Strand and Sule Pagoda Rd corners and Aung Mingalar station ), or a rail (US$4 top-of-the-range, US$1 for normal seats, all Mandalay and Mawlamyine connecting lines stop there).

The best way is by cab, because you can see the places of interest in Bago (which are quite far apart) and stop on the way to Taukkyan. Coming from Yangon, take the 51 Kyat 2/300 at the stop opposite Mahabandoola-Plaza. Get off at the Saw Bwar Gyi Gone coach station near the airfield (tell the Burmese ticketing clerk, preferably in Burmese, as he does not know English).

As soon as you get off, there is a shuttle service at the train stop (the shuttle service is more like a shuttle service than a shuttle service), ask the ticketing agent before you get on the shuttle service. You can catch regular busses from Hpa-An to Bago (and Yangon) for about 5300k yat at the clock tower till.

There' s a 12:30 to Bago from Kyaikto. There is a 15:30 stop at the intersection, take the old street and cost 12. Mahdaw Shve is often called the temple of the golden god. With 375 ft the Shwemadaw is the highest peak in the land, although the Shwedagon in Yangon is usually considered the highest in Myanmar at 98m.

When the theft from a destitute land like Myanmar does not disturb your consciousness, the $10 admission price can be saved by using the side door. Admission to 3 other nearby sanctuaries is allowed for 3 days. When you are ruthless, give your tickets to another scammer. Fifty-fifty (2015) Tickets inspectors roam the other doors, looking for the fancy blank shirts and small name tag; they will be selling you a tickets on the scene if you catch them.

Since October 2015, the pagoda has been clad with a scaffold, as it is made of golden. Situated west of the train terminal, Shwethar Iyaung Pagoda has a Buddha, the second tallest Buddha in the whole wide range, with a length of 55 meters and a hight of 16 meters, after the Buddha in Dawei (Tavoy), which is 74 meters high.

It is thought that the Buddha was erected in 994 during the rule of Mon King Migadepa. First and foremost the home of the Four Seater Buddha Pagoda, a 27 metre high sculpture of the Buddha in four different postures, back to back. The Mahazedi Pagoda. An ATM is available along the high street Yangon-Mandalay.

It'?s on the highroad. The regular sale starts at 21:30. Yangonrain. It' definitely the best way to downtown Yangon, 2 to 2. 5 hrs, 1000 cyat. Multiple coaches per working days, but it is better to check the timetable from your accomodation, as all schedules at the railway stations are in Burmese, or go to or call and ask directly at the checkout.

It is possible to reserve a train pass in advanced, but there should be enough space on the train (from September 2016).

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