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Bago's detailed financing; comprehensive pipeline analysis, including molecular targets and partnerships. The BAGO is the confluence of music, art and fashion: Please see contact information and details about the BAGO GROUP. He recently published a variant of the Lamang epic from the Bago group, which lives at the foot of the Cordillera in northern Luzon. OGO Promotion - Click here to visit the website.

Labatorios Bagà | Argentina| Our Story

At the beginning of the 1960s, it expanded its supply area with the first export to Latin America. Later, in 1968, it launched âTrifacilinaâ, the first ever active substance on the Argentinian pharmacy to significantly improve anti-infectious treatment available in our state. In the field of science, Laboratorios Bagó has identified the initial Talniflumate, a potent non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and very gastric tolerable antibiotic that is currently being export to South-East Asia.

Today Laboratorios Bagà is represented in 20 Latin American, European and Asian markets and its product range is marketed in 50 of them.

Bombardier Group - Company Profile

SANOCHEMIA and GENR halted a double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase II clinical Trial and ceased to develop Lomucin after a DMC said there would be no added value for further uptake. The GENR has a..... Genre has halted trials of lomucine talniflumate for the treatment of CF and squalaminlactate for the treatment of adenoma.

It was decided to terminate the Phase II study with lomucine, an oral adsorbed gob-5 chlorid e-activated agent..... Genre started a double-blind, placebo-controlled, European Phase II study with 200 people. Plymouth Meeting, Penn. of the Bago Group, Buenos Aires, Argentina Product: Lomucine Business: The GENR double-blind, placebo-controlled, European Phase II study with Lomucin in 200 individuals will commence this quarterly period.

Plymouth Meeting, Penn. of the Bago Group, Buenos Aires, Argentina Product: Lomucine Business: Lung molecular target: ..... GENR will initiate a double-blind Phase II registration study with Lomucin Talniflumate for the treatment of CF this year. In a 200-patient study in Europe, the main outcome is achieved by using the.....


Bago Group's pharmaceuticals are recognized around the world for their superior efficacy and efficacy, backed by rigorous pharmaco-technical and medical assessments. Bago is now synonymous with excellency in the market where our product is marketed. Headquartered in 21 Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, our offices ensure that our product is delivered efficiently to more than 45 of them.

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