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and BoBoiBoy Galaxy. The BAGO is the confluence of music, art and fashion: to the headwaters of the Stupa to see Bago's best views. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw Bago Go from BoBoiBoy step by step. Newest tweets from BaGO-GO (@MenGOTime_ToO):

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Go Bago is a player in BoiBoy and Galaxy. He' an illicit arms broker on Ata Ta Tiga. He' s also a man who likes to cheat his customers on the cost of his guns. He' one of the Five Scammer Commanders. Follow 24. When Adu Du was vanquished by BboiBoy Cyclone and Yaya's cookies were eaten with Liquid Q, he thinks about a way to beat BboiBoy, so Computer said that Bago Go, the arms vendor, can help him, but Adu Du was amazed that all of Bago Go's guns were costly, so Probe Adu Du's spaceship was selling to Bago Go, so they will have the money to knock out the gun to Adu Du.

As he awoke, he was horrified because the spacecraft was gone and the new headquarter now consists of a provisional warden. Issue 27. It was the first time he arrived near Ejo Jo when he wanted to buy the Adu Du space ship. You have so much cash in the house, it's not good to keep it if you don't spent it," Bago Go said, and he also said some fine words to outwit Ejo Jo (e.g. you're so pretty and rich).

Volume 35. For MKHIPI he supported the actions of the characters of BoBoiBoy und his family. Volume 36. As in the last installment, he was featured in an ad, this year he is publishing the S8000 lawnmower. Volume 42. For Adu Du he declared the interoperability of the kernels for trial and the Adu Du budgets for the purchase of the kernel transducer.

Follow 43. Follow 44. Volume 45. It sponsored new things like Homing Nuclear Weapon L9000 and Mind Raisins Symphony900. He also approached his colleague Baga Ga as a commemorative impairment expert to fix the sample's rememory. But when Adu thinks that Baga Ga is similar to Bago Go, he withdrew the Baga Ga buy, asked to give the ship back and begged as Baga Ga before Super Probe shot him.

Volume 47. Adu Du has given Adu Du's spaceship back to Adu Du and he has also been contacting his minions as Five Fraud Commanders to conquer the world. Follow 48. Adu Du's sampahbot with Megabot Scambot is attacked by Bago Go with the Five Scammer Commanders. Shortly thereafter, Gopal transformed the lunar cliffs into jewelry and diamond, making the five scammer commanders forget the fight and hunt them down.

Follow 52. Ibu and Adu Du are contacting Bago to order guns. As Bago saw Go Adu you, he recalled the fight on the lunar as he was tamped together with his brethren after taking over the Megabot Scambot while the others played with lust. But Ibu Go showed her plutonium credit card and made Bago Go outraged.

Then he began the deal and Adu Du decided to buy the Pango robot to beat Boy. Volume 59. He' the one who tried Super Ejo Jojojojo to beat BoBoy. Volume 61. Rehearsal approached Bago Go to buy a new gun, but as rehearsal saw something next to the Megaton Eton Bomb X500.

Seeing the Superhero Jero-Jero suite package (Bago Go's Sunday birthdays costume). The probe said it was costly and that he should buy the nuke instead. Go Bago cheated sample by saying that the bombshell has no rebate, but the suite has a very large rebate of 80%. All of a sudden Bago Go's son came and asked where his name was.

Go Bago was lying by saying he hasn't purchased it yet, unless it's for last year and he gave his boy a dime to buy some frost. Then, Bago annotated rehearsal that Go's boy is sweet and purchased two of the outfits for Adu Du. He' got a big volume with a blacklist of illegal weapons.

Some of Bago Go's guns are here. Rehearsal Adu Du said he's a fraud, so his guns are very costly. Episode 8 of Episode 3 reveals his real character. It sponsored BoyBoiBoy Action Figure as MKHIPI's advertising interruption. But it is not known, as he knew about BoyBoiBoy and his buddies, because Adu Du, Rehearsal and Computer never talked about him to Bago Go or in his case they didn't have to.

Episode 36 reveals that Bago Go is one of the world-class group of foreigners. He has the ability to talk and comprehend the goats' languages as seen in Episode 3, as well. Bago Go has been subtitled "Pa Go Go" on MNCTV Indonesia since episode 4 of MNCTV. This was unveiled according to his space book in episode 24 of episode 3:

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