Bago Forest


Bago State Forest visitors can choose a campsite in the foothills of Blowering Dam and Jounama Pondage. Consulting for our FORESTRY VISITORS: The NSW Forest Society of Bago State Forest See a card of recreation areas in Bago State Forest. Near Tumut, where the pinewood encounters the water of the Blowering Dam, there are a number of remote campsites for a day or even a few more. The favourite pastime during the summers, the visitor spends his free day relax, go angling or boat trips on the Blowering Dam.

The 440 km long stretch between Yass and Albury leads the discoverers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell on their 1824 trip to Port Phillip. The trail is fully signposted and lasts about 24 nights, although there are many possibilities for different daily hikes. The most important line ends can be reached via Wee Jasper, Cootamundra River (near Tumut) and Henry Angel (near Tumbarumba).

It has 18 camp sites along the way, and the trail leads through Buccleuch, Bago, Mannus and Munderoo State Forests. For more information on the course, as well as map information, please contact Vistor Information Centres throughout the area and the Ministry of Infrastructures, Design and Natural Resources in Wagga Wagga. This is a marvellous place for a picknick in Bago State Forest, less than half an hour's car ride from Batlow and Tumbarumba, near the town of Laurel Hill.

There are two brief hiking trails through the tree nursery and the adjacent primeval forest of the Alpenasche. This location is a good starting point for further exploration of the local Bago Plateau ashland. Sugar Pine Walk is a must for every visitor to the Tumbarumba region.

All of our guests are in agreement that this is one of the best kept secret in NSW! This hike is on the outskirts of Kopsens Road, about half a kilometer from Batlow-Tumbarumba Road on Laurel Hill. Paddys River Damm is a quiet and picturesque place and a favourite destination in the middle of the Bago Plateau's mountain ash wood.

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