Bago Division Map Myanmar

Map of Bago Division Myanmar

Streets, rivers, cities, sea in the Bago Division of Myanmar. Use the satellite image view to view, zoom in, zoom out and pan right, left, up and down. County of Bago - Print; E-Mail. This division's economy is heavily dependent on the timber trade.

The Taungoo, Taungoo Township, Taungoo District, Bago Region, Myanmar.

Floods over South Bago Division, Myanmar

The map shows satellite-based floods in the South Bago Division of Myanmar, above the Bago, Waw, Thanatpin, Kawa and Kayan Townships. Thanatpin municipality in Pegu County was the most affected municipality with 5,822 ha of agricultural area, followed by Kawa municipality in Pegu County (4,514 ha).

region of Bago

About Bago Region is situated between Mandalay Region and Magwe Region in the Northeast, Rakhine State and Ayeyarwaddy Region in the Wests, Yangon Region in the Sutheast, Kayin State and Mon State in the Sutheast. It covers 15,214 sq. m. and its capital is Bago City. The Bago region is the most important region for the cultivation of rices in Myanmar.

The Bago region's forest products include precious wood such as tea, pine, ingyin and the Swa factory producing high quality hard ply. The Zeyawaddy Sugar Mill, No. 3 Heavy Industries Corporation Mill at Sinde of Ministry of Industry (2), Textile Mill at Shwe Daung, Jute Baling Mills at Taungoo, Pyay and Tharyarwaddy, Ceramics Factory at Tharyarwaddy sind bekannte Fabriken.

North Nawin Chaung embankment on Nawin Chaung in Pyay Township is the largest embankment in Myanmar. The Bago area is an economic strategy area with a road and rail road system. The Bago Shwemawdaw Pagoda is one of the most popular lying Buddha pictures in Myanmar. Kanbawza Thardi Royal Palace of the Bago Dynasty is not far from Yangon.

The building was erected as an old king's residence of antiquity. There''s a Bago Waldcamp in Bago Forrest. Both Pyay and Taungoo are near by in the state of Bago. The remains of the old Pyu Empire are located about 8 km eastwards of Pyay in the town of Hmaw Za.

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