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Map of Bago Division

Country Info Worldwide Mapping, Colorado. A forest use map showing the categories of cultivated areas: The Bago Forest Division Map of Bago (Bago Region / Myanmar), view from satellite. Wellcome to google maps Bago (Pegu) list of places, wellcome to the place where google maps sightseeing makes sense! Hanthawaddy Bago Division, B.District and B.


Site plans - Tharrawaddy District, Bago Region (Bago Division; Pegu Division), Myanmar

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The Bago Distrikt (Burmese: ???????????) is a Bago Division subdistrict in CMB. Bago is the capitol. There are the following municipalities in the district: Bago region. Myanmar 2014 Census of Population and Housing. Department of Immigration and Population. This Bago Division item is a stump.

Bago, Hanthawaddy

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Business Unit Bago

Well-known for its 55m long Buddha picture, the Shwethalyaung picture, the wonderful gold Shwemawdaw Pagoda and many other sacred relics such as King Dhammazedi's old oratory. It is easy to reach Bago by car, the 80 km from Yangon take about 2 h.

It' located on the Golden Rock Pagoda Street and Mawlamyine. It is still a peaceful and cosy city with more bikes than automobiles, but it is still growing. The 55-metre long SHWETHALYAUNG Buddha picture is one of the most venerated in the world.

Have a wonderful full moon tour with the steamer. From Bago, your rail tour takes you to Nyaung Kharshay, where you have free walking distance to the village school. One of the first grade private charter carriages is a charming journey through paddy fields and stops in several towns that can only be reached by rail - the only place of its kind in the canal.

The city of Piyay is very near what was the headquarters of the Pyu kingdom of Thayekhittya from the fifth to ninth century AD. Located 290 km north west of Yangon, it is easily reached by a slippery 5-6 hour drive. Take the boat from Piyay to A Cauk Hill (A Cauk Taung) to Buddha pictures, bent out of the cliff.

You will hardly miss the whole town, if you stand on the Golden Hair Relic Pagoda deck. A huge Buddha picture that rises over 66 metres above the town - it gives Pyay the look of "ANCIENT BEAUTY". It was created in the fifth A. D. by the most mighty Pyu King Duttabaung.

It was recommended to him to give the picture glasses - so he got back the godly eyesight. Perhaps glasses were created in the fifth and not in the fourteenth centuries AD.

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