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BAGO DE BOLIVIA S.A. LABORATORIOS, production of pharmaceutical products and medicines. Bolivian Society of Otorhinolaryngology, Bronchoesophagology and Head and Neck Surgery. See Laboratorios Bagó de Bolivia S.

A. Location, turnover, industry and description. Sardan Rosmery Ximena Villagra. secretaria en Laboratorios Bago. The Laboratorios Bago De Bolivia Sa is an overseas supplier in Bolivia, exporting products to Laboratorios Bago Sa.

Labatórios Bagó do Brazil

4800 staff work on the realisation of people' s well-being and make the great commercial partnership of the Group a consequent presentation of its product in 45 different nationalities. 2001Organização Bagó begins to develop its first activities in Latin America, now spanning Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe and doing businesses with China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Paquistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore ,Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and others.

2009 Laboratórios Bagó and Ferozsons Laboratories Ltd. officially open the first pharmaceutical and biotechnology facility in Paquistan that can manufacture more than 24 million parenterals per year.

Bagó | Argentina | Industrial structure

State-of-the-art technologies are used in our production facilities in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan and Uruguay, which are powered by the most rigorous pharmaco-technical standards. Argentina has three factories: two pharmaceuticals facilities, one in the town of La Plata (Buenos Aires province) and the other specializing in the use of antimicrobials, in the La Rioja Industry Park, and a large scale chemicals facility in the town of Bell (Buenos Aires province).

The production plants are complemented by a scientific and technical research centre (City Bell).


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