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You can sit anywhere with the Bago Bago backpack chair! I' ve been through numerous backpacks. Bago's new fashionable laptop backpack & carrier bags! The BAGOBAGO travel backpack with integrated stool (backpack chair) is unique worldwide. This stool is hidden inside the backpack.

This backpack has a large individual place inside.

This backpack has a large individual place inside. On the outside there is a zipped front compartment (with a small bag for your cell or purse ) and two mesh side compartments for canteens. There is no risk of damaging the interior and the footstool is always intact. Feet are concealed behind a detachable (and washable) upholstery.

When seated, you can either put the upholstery in the inside bag or fasten it to the front of the backpack at the front with a piece of blank magnet. You can remove the metallic structure and wash the backpack. We' ve accurately designed the seat to allow a 90° or greater kneecap for the majority of users, which will help you stay upright and avoid backaches.

Zips and end cap for the seat leg are available seperately.

Rucksack Chair

Wherever you are, take a Bago Bago backpack chair! Whether on the way to work, on a visit to a tourist destination, on a trek or while queuing, the rest of the globe is suffering from a shortage of seats - especially when you need them most. Designer, orthopaedic surgeons and manufacturer were joined together to make the world's first backpack with an elegant built-in footstool that allows you to enjoy a comfortable seat anywhere.

Backpack dimensions20.87" x 13.78" x 7.87".

Bago Bago backpack chair - BKIE Publishers of the Month

There' re two kind of humans in this whole wide universe. Nearly everywhere (even on the sidewalk) and those who are standing and saying that they are well (even if their legs are slaughtering them). Bago Bago is a handbag for both kind of person! The Bago Bago boasts a quality that few rucksacks have on the modern day bike and turns into a fully functioning and robust footstool, even with pack!

Bago Bago doesn't just depend on a good concept. The Bago Bago has been optimised and improved by design engineers, producers and even orthopaedists before it goes into operation to make sure that the Bago is highly practical and ergonomic in every respect! Imagine how many folks who would totally like the Bago Bago!

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