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Shopping online from a wide selection at the Bago Travel Bags Store. Before Bago was known as Pegu. It' a city and the capital of the Bago region in Myanmar. It is a city that is rarely visited by foreign tourists. The capital of the Bago Division in the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar.

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Before Bago was known as Pegu. It' a town and the capitol of the Bago region in Myanmar. As the old capitol of Mon Kingdom in the fifteenth centuary, you can savour the Bago sight-seeing experience complete with the old Buddha pictures. The most sights are Shwethalyaung Lying Buddha (55 meters long), Shwemawdaw Pagoda, and 28 meters high giant Buddha image of the Kyaikpun Pagoda with its four giant Buddha pictures to the compass points and the one interesting place is Kanbawzathardi Palace.

The reclining Buddha is 55 metres long and 16 metres high? The four giant Buddhas of the Kyaukpun Pagoda - back to back with a view of the four directions? Now it' t is tempting to join us for Bago. On a 2 we-car ride from Yangon we visited the former capitol of the Mon-People.

Bago, known as Pegu by the Britons and once an important seaport (before it was deserted), has been renawn! It is said that two mon princesses from Thaton established Bago in 573 AD. You saw a feminine Hinthar (a kind of birds like a goose) on the back of a masculine Hinthar stand on an isle in a giant pond.

Since they thought that this was a good place, they constructed a town named Hanthawady (Pali Hamsavati) on the shore of the Lakes. It was first mentioned in the story by the Arabian geographical artist Ibn Khudadhbin around 850 AD. By then the capitol had moved from Mon to Thaton. The Mon gained their independency after the fall of Bagan to the Mongols in 1287.

Hantharwaddy was the capitol of the Mon kingdom of Ramanadesa from 1369-1539, which encompassed the entire area of today's Lower Myanmar. In 1539 the area came back under Bamar's rule when King Tabinshwethi incorporated it into his kingdom of Taungoo. From 1539-1599 and 1613-1634 the Taungoo emperors made Bago their kingly capitol and used it as a basis for frequent Siamese incursions.

An important sea port, the town was often frequented by Europeans who spoke about its splendour. Burma's capitol was moved to Inwa in 1634. The Mon rebelled in 1740 and briefly gained their sovereignty, but Burma's King Alaungpaya plundered and totally ruined the town ("together with Mon independence") in 1757.

It was reconstructed by King Bodawpaya (1782-1819), but by then the course had changed and the town had been cut off from the seas.

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