Bagan Weather March

Weather in Bagan

March is Bagan's hot season. The climate history of Bagan in July with monthly averages for temperature, precipitation and wind. Will the climate in Bagan in Myanmar be good in March? When you are looking for dry weather, the months with the least chance of significant precipitation in Bagan are January, February and then March. Bagan Serai's climate in March can be described as hot, humid and very wet.

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The weather: Mean March temperatures are 34°C (93°F). Bagan's hottest time of year is in March. Weather can be unbearable warm in the afternoons, so it is not advisable to go outdoors. If you are going outdoors, you should always keep your foot on comfortably low. Since it can get very warm during the day, it is not always the best choice for the outdoors.

However, you can take part in the full moon day celebration in Tabaung, which is an ideal occasion to discover the city' s cultural life. A further good possibility would be to unwind in your motel. Full Moon Day in Tabaung (the twelfth and final months of the Myanmar calendar), also known as Magha Puja or Tabodwe Full Moon Day, is a national Buddhist feast where merits are made.

This is a full-moonday in March or April after Burma's third calender, marking the passage between the months of year. In the course of the festivities, folk give charity to the pagoda friars. They are full of locals and visitors interested in preaching.

Away from the main streets and on the streets, many locals are selling handicrafts, groceries and other objects as well. It is the best chance to get to know the indigenous tradition of the Myanmar population. It is similar to Makha Bukha Day in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Ballooning is a must for every visitor coming to Bagan.

Bagan's seasons are usually from mid-October to mid-March. When you fly over the Bagan Plains, you will be surprised by the variety and splendour of the cemeteries. To see the immense size of these over 2,000 temple, the only way is to take a warm aeroplane and fly over Bagan.

Ballooning in a warm mountain cabin is not for fear of height. It is recommended that a passenger not exceed eight per flight, as it is much simpler to shoot with fewer persons in the canopy. There is no restroom on board the ballon. Since March is at the height of Myanmar's hottest time of year, the weather can get unbearable warm, especially in the afternoons.

Relaxation in your lodging is without a doubt the best option during this time. Bagan has many outdoor pursuits in the Aureum Palace and Arthawka Guesthouses. The Aureum Palace is situated on the Ngapali coast, next to the renowned watchtower. It is well-appointed, with spas, pools, bars, nightclubs and dining.

The Arthawka in Bagan is conveniently situated in the centre of New Bagan. Gawdawpalin Temple and the Archaeological Museum are just a few steps from the lodge. It' the best three-star in Bagan.

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