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July Bagan Weather

It' still relatively dry in the central area, which includes Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. This makes July one of the windiest months of the year for Bagan. Burma, Bagan: Weather forecast for July. Will the climate in Bagan in Myanmar be good in July? When you are looking for the hottest time to visit Bagan, the hottest months are May, April and then June.

July / July Weather averages

Highest daytime temp in July 2017 was 104°F. Minimum overnight temp was 82°F. Averages for the July daily and overnight air was 99.7°F ? and 84.7°F respectively. The majority of July is overcast, but you can also look forward to some sunshine or darkness. The rainfall in July for Bagan is 4.7 inches.

This makes July one of the rainsiest seasons of the year. In July the mean windspeed is 11,5ymph. This makes July one of the windiest seasons of the year for Bagan. Sunshine in July averages 6.5 h.

July Weather Bagan

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The weather in Bagan in July 2018

Is it the best season to go to Bagan? Weather in Bagan in July is based on recent years. The weather statistic can be viewed for the whole months, but also by selecting the start, mid and end tab pages of the series.

July weather in Bagan is humid (with 170mm rainfall over 24 days). Weather is worse than in the last week, with an annual rainfall of 125mm in July over 20 nights. It' s a very warm weather this monday. As a rule, the recording is at 27°C.

For example, the July mean temperatures in Bagan are 31°C. Please be aware that unlike those in Bagan in July with a peak of 39°C in 2010 and a peak of 24°C in 2009. For the whole time of the months you can count on being above 30°C or more.

In Bagan, on the other hand, the July 13:17 period is very long. If the weather is right, this is a good (but not the best) time to go to this area. These data are taken from the weather forecasts of the previous years in July. What was the weather like last July? This is the weather in Bagan in July 2017, logged every day:

For information about the weather in July, click on the towns on the menu. Towns near Bagan: July weather for Bagan: The weather for Bagan for July comes from an intersection of the weather forecasts since 2009 in Bagan. Weather in Bagan can fluctuate slightly from year to year, but these dates should be limited by surprise.

This way you can either leave your luggage or look for the best season of the year to go to Bagan.

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