Bagan Weather in November

November Bagan Weather

Will the climate in Bagan in Myanmar be good in November? If you can wait until November, it'll be perfect. Weather in Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan and all other important places is excellent in November. Best weather with sunshine, not too hot and dry. The rain in Bagan is not as bad as in the coastal regions.

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We' ll spend some quality in Yangon, but more in Bagan, Inle Lake and Kalaw in early November this year. How much weather do we have to reckon with when we are preparing our clothes? During the day it' still warm - you can think about getting a little sweaty - and in Yangon it stays warm even at nights.

When travelling to places like Bagan or Inle, be sure to take along hot attire. At the end of December I was there and most of my night in Bagan was up to 5ºC! In Kalow and Pin Oo Lwin, what temperature is likely in November?

Kalaw and Pyin Oo Lwin weather is not too different in November.18-22°C during the days 10-14°C at nights. But I was amazed how warm the temperatures were and after 4 pm it was almost one-digit (5 degrees in Hsipaw, but that was the end of December).

Thank you for the weather information.

The weather in Bagan in November 2018

Is it the best season to go to Bagan? Weather in Bagan in November is based on recent years' weather data. The weather statistic can be viewed for the whole months, but you can also navigate through the start, mid and end tab pages of the months. November weather in Bagan is arid; it does not rainy often (24mm precipitation over 3 days).

In November the weather there is very pleasant. At least 20°C is the mean value of the measured min. temp. For example, the mean value of the November temperatures in Bagan is 26°C. Please be aware that unlike those in Bagan in November with a peak of 35°C in 2009 and a peak of 15°C in 2011.

Approximately 16 or 53 working nights with a temperature of up to 30°C are possible. Bagan in November is 11:08. If the weather is perfect, it is recommended to visit this area this year. These data are taken from the weather forecasts of previous November years.

What was the weather like last November? This is the weather in Bagan in November 2017, logged every day: For information about the weather in November, click on the towns on the menu. Towns near Bagan: Bagan weather in November: The weather for Bagan for November comes from an intersection of the weather forecasts since 2009 in Bagan.

Weather in Bagan can fluctuate slightly from year to year, but these dates should be limited by surprise. This way you can either leave your luggage or look for the best season of the year to go to Bagan.

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