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Weather in February

What should I expect from Bagan in mid-February? The areas around Bagan and Mandalay are hotter. The most popular months are January and February. Warm clothes for morning and evening, light clothes for the rest of the day. Ballooning in hot air is a weather-dependent activity.

February Bagan Weather - Bagan Forum

What should I expect from Bagan in mid-February? I' m planning a hot air parade at dawn. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

February weather in Bagan, Myanmar 2018

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  • Should I be worried about the February rainfall in Bagan? - In this season, mm rainfall can be expected in Bagan throughout the year.

February / February Weather averages

Highest daytime temp in February 2018 was 100°F. It was 68 °F at daytime. Averages for the daily and overnight February weather were 92.8°F ? 75.3°F. Nearly all February holidays are sunshiny. The likelihood of cloudy or dark weather is very low. The rainfall in February for Bagan is 0.0 in.

February is the rainsiest of the year. In February the mean windspeed is 4,9 kph. February is the calmest time of the year for Bagan. Using length of days and coverage information for each of the days of the months, we are calculating mean values for this graph.

Bagan's sunshine in February averages 11.0 h.

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